Oh Land Dishes Favorite Girl Power Anthems

Danish pop dynamo Nanna Øland Fabricius, known to her fans around the world as Oh Land, returned to her home recording roots for her fourth album Earth Sick. Opting out of the traditional studio setting in exchange for recording in her Brooklyn apartment, Nanna used PledgeMusic to fund an openly creative album with a part of the proceeds going to Greenpeace Save The Arctic. We chatted with Nanna to discuss her successful year, new album and her picks for the best girl-power anthems.

by: Shannon Kurlander


How was it different this time around recording Earth Sick without a label and in your own home: was there a lot pajama wearing and Netflix breaks?
Actually, because it was recorded in my own home it was really intense. Almost no breaks cause it was so undisturbed. I would often loose track of time and forget that I hadn’t even brushed my teeth. It was really fun to include my environment in the recording, like recording pots and pans and buzzing flies and things from my room. And I shared the whole experience with my followers on pledge who ended up funding my whole record!

Over the years, has your dance background influenced your music?
A lot. I think that the way I perform on stage definitely influences how I go in the studio. On stage I move a lot and accentuate rhythms with how I dance. I bring that to the studio and record w a handheld live-mic instead of a studio mic. I also don’t like to be in a vocal booth but move around in my room while I record.

We love and adore your style. Who are some of your fashion icons?
I think Im mostly inspired by fictive characters cause they really show their character traits in their outfits. Some of my favorites are Mary Poppins, Pikachu, Edward Scissorhands, Hello Kitty and the Childlike Empress.


What was it like working with your dad and returning to your classical roots for your Copenhagen Philharmonic performance?
It was amazing to collaborate with my dad and also a bit scary to have him so close to my music- my lyrics and emotions. We spent a lot of time giving each of the 70 instruments a moment of shine and never have someone just be a “filler”. I learnt so much and now have some entirely new favorite instruments. Like the Clarinet and the Tuba!

“Head up High” is a great self-confidence boosting anthem. What are some of your favorite girl-power anthems?
I have so many! My top 3 is probably Roy Orbison “Pretty Woman”, Cindy Lauper “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”, and Kelis “Milkshake”.

Can we expect a new hair color for the new year?!
You never know! I think my restlessness really show through my hair. I think I wanna try and experiment with boring. Get like a really ordinary hair color and see how it feels.

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