8 Times Your Office Crush Will Ruin Your Life

Office romances are weird. You either can’t tell if you like the person for a while, or you literally fall in love with them upon meeting them. If you’re a boss bitch, you’re probably so consumed by work that it’s your EVERYTHING. It makes perfect sense to develop an intense crush while at the office, we’re all human after all. According to a recent study on CareerBuilder.com, 37 percent of people date a coworker and not only that, but office romances are rising everyday. It also says that it’s not a bad thing to pick a date from one of your surrounding cubicles. In fact, many employers are very open to their employees dating! That’s right, no more sneaking around ladies (even if that’s the best part). 

Okay, so office flings might be on the rise, but there are definitely some slippery slope downsides to getting it on while you’re clocked in. See the reasons not to bang your boss below.


1. Upon slaying the career game, you get ‘office goggles’ and dudes you’d never really think of become your dream bae. They could quite possibly look NOTHING like you think they do. If you need to get it in during your 9 to 5, all we hope is that your goggles don’t come off… well, ever.

2. Work is a lot like high school. You only get to flirt with the dude for brief periods of time. You’re not getting paid to bat your lashes, you’re getting paid to get shit done! Chances are, when you finally hang outside of those office doors, you realize you don’t have much in common other than the same coffee and your inability to use the fax machine.

3. Say you both agree to date, what happens when you fight? I know logically it shouldn’t interfere with work, but that takes a significant amount of maturity that most people die before finding.

4. He could flirt with you on your lunch break, then the next day you’ll find yourself giving him advice on all his dating escapades. It will suck, and you’ll look like a bitter bitch trying to tell him everything that’s wrong with the bitches he dates in hopes he’ll FINALLY see you. He won’t.

5. You’ll want to make out all day long. Trust me, I’ve been here. You work-ish, then text one another, then meet out in the parking lot and kiss until you get caught. Then… you get fired.

6. Every man in the office will know what your vagina is like.

7. Every text you’ve ever sent to your office boo will be shown to his bros, who might be your bosses.

8. Your break time sistas will slowly hate you because chances are, there’s only ONE work bae and you’ve got him.

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