The Offensive Celebrity Valentines Everyone Needs This V-Day

Valentine’s Day isn’t for everybody, or at least not in the traditional Hallmark way February 14th is usually celebrated.

While yes, some girls want you to buy them flowers and tell them you love them on an infinite loop, some girls would rather you give them a big bottle of whiskey, or anything else that has a little bite to it.

If you’re one of the latter group, then Instagram master @OfficialSeanPenn has the perfect gift for you: offensive celebrity Valentines.

I made u a set of 10 very offensive valentines — download & print them all here –>

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Seriously, there are so many options to choose from here.

For that one girl you know who writes Donald Trump fan fiction on the low:


For your friend who secretly likes every single thing Kylie Jenner posts to IG:


For your bestie who used to dress up like Kesha for Halloween/just because:


For that girl you hate-follow who loves to post selfies of her “Feel The Bern” shirt:


For that special person in your life who told everybody she knew that she totally called it:


For your friend who saw “The Hateful Eight” on 65 millimeter film:


For that girl you know who’s one of those “Taylor Swift is a secret bitch” truthers:


For your friend whose love of Scientology is allegedly ironic, but you have your suspicions:


For that special someone in your life who still masturbates to Richard Gere even though he’s way past silver fox age now:


For your friend who started doing lean after hearing Rihanna talk about on ANTI:


Download and print out your own set here, and get ready to either be the most liked or the most hated person in your friend group.

And read our interview with @OfficialSeanPenn, because why not?


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