If You Like Lana Del Rey Then You’ll Love Ofelia K

There are two schools of thought when it comes to crafting the perfect summer song: either you swing for the fences, or you sit yourself down on the docks of the bay, content to watch the tides roll in.  Ofelia K‘s debut single “White T-Shirt” belongs to the latter camp and proves that there’s power in pure pop simplicity.

As sweet as it is delicate, “White T-Shirt” sounds like the kind of music that Lana Del Rey’s little sister would make. Their music shares some of the same melodic progressions, but “White T-Shirt” lacks the melancholy that defines Del Rey. “White T-Shirt” is like “Video Games” before all the summertime sadness: still soft, still shyly dipping its toes into the great wide lakes of the world, and still seeing it all through a pair of bright eyes.

Ofelia’s K’s forthcoming four-song EP is out August 25 on South x Sea.  In the meantime, get to know Ofelia K on Twitter and Instagram.

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