Of The Moment: M.I.A.’s Knockoff Inspired Versace Collection Is Here

With the recent premiere of the Lifetime original movie about the iconic fashion house, it seems fitting that Sri Lankan born, British raised rapstress, M.I.A., would reveal her anticipated collaborative collection with them. Inspired by the knockoff’s she used to see (and no doubt wear) back in the day in Londontown’s streets, the collection is made of both mens and womenswear and features printed tops, bottoms, and outerwear. Check out the collection below and pick it up in stores on October 16th!

mia-versus-versace-08.jpg.r.nocrop.w610.h610 mia-versus-versace-11.jpg.r.nocrop.w610.h610 mia-versus-versace-13.jpg.r.nocrop.w610.h610 mia-versus-versace-12.jpg.r.nocrop.w610.h610 mia-versus-versace-04.jpg.r.nocrop.w610.h610 mia-versus-versace-10.jpg.r.nocrop.w610.h610 mia-versus-versace-01.jpg.r.nocrop.w610.h610 mia-versus-versace-07.jpg.r.nocrop.w610.h610 mia-versus-versace-05.jpg.r.nocrop.w610.h610 mia-versus-versace-03.jpg.r.nocrop.w610.h610 mia-versus-versace-09.jpg.r.nocrop.w610.h610 mia-versus-versace-06.jpg.r.nocrop.w610.h610

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