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Lyz Olko

“Edgy downtown rock ‘n’ roll-inspired” clothing lines are a dime a dozen, but Obesity & Speed is the real sartorial-slaying deal. You’ve most likely spotted a cutie (probably with a dip-dyed hair and shredded skinnies combo) below 14th street clad in the classic head-turning O&S “CHOOSE DEATH” t-shirt. Or perhaps you’ve seen killer O&S pieces, like the “BACK TO SCHOOL” sweatshirt, on the racks of OAK (that is, if it’s not sold out) or in the glossy pages of NYLON. As for me, I NEED the “F*** OFF” tee aka the ultimate statement piece. Founder and designer madwoman, Lyz Olko, screen-prints/tie-dyes/shreds all of the pieces on her own. (Side note: Olko recently had me over her LES studio for a vegan dinner party, which featured homemade kale chips AND a boiling pot of t-shirt dye. Talk about a multitasker!) O&S unsurprisingly boasts an impressive roster of famous fans, from downtown darlings like Natalia Kills and Sleigh Bells’ Alexis Krauss to Gwen Stefani, and, um, Miley Cyrus. Yes, you read that right. When she’s not busily banging out her in-demand goth designs, Olko is working it in the nightlife scene, specifically as the Jane Hotel and Westway’s “Director of Nightlife”… #SHEFANCY!  Additionally, Olko’s the most bad-ass door girl ever. Okay, so you might not be able to get past Olko to the bottle-popping Jane Ballroom (which often includes an Olsen run-in or two), but you can always get your O&S shop on RIGHT HERE. Post-shopping spree, check out Galore’s chit-chat with the designer, in which she spilled about all-things-fashion, ’90s nostalgia, her banging gym play-list, and much more.

Hi Lyz! Obsessed with Obesity & Speed, as you know if you look at my credit card bill. But what’s your personal favorite O&S piece? Our destroyed tee and basic racer-back tank. I wear one under everything.

The O&S models are always so damn hip and foxy. Who are some of your favorite top models? Linda “WHY DOES SHE ALWAYS GET TO WEAR THE TALL SHOES???!!!!” Evangelista. (Editor’s Note: That’s a quote from Unzipped in case you somehow forgot.) As for current model, it’d be  Jamie Bochert.

Those are some immaculate choices! Now tell some Tumblr obsessions: Executive Realness by Jordan Hancock

Favorite Twitter-er: @WizKhalifa

How about Instagram? Earl Boykins or Adorable Animals.

And on that subject, what’s your spirit animal? Unicorn

Current obsession: Marathons and ‘The Tao of Wu’

Last meal: Edamame and hot sauce.

Yum. Have any other talents? Well, besides being an amazing designer, of course… I can spell anything.

Dream designer collab: Raf Simons!

Favorite NYFW party of all time? Last season I had the best time dancing at the Alexander Wang and Opening Ceremony parties.

Same. Team Lil Kim forever! So, if you could raid any of your style icons closets, who would it be? Panos Yipanis

The last music video you YouTubed: Bruce Springsteen / “I’m On Fire”

Favorite Disney movie: Little Mermaid! I know all the words.

Ditto. Favorite ’90s film: Reality Bites, Singles, Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead, Wayne’s World

Favorite one hit wonder: Ummm… Send Me An Angel by Real Life.

I must say, you are the most bad-ass door girl like, ever. So, what’s the best night at the Jane? Wednesday night the new lesbian night hosted by Lauren flax and Lauren dillard of CREEP official. And friday nights when ERock DJs.

I know you are one of those obsessed-with-the-gym types, which I’m really jealous and confused about. So, what’s your most played songs on your work-out play-list?

Trust / “Sulk”

Charli XCX/ “Nuclear Seasons”

Sky Ferreira / “Everything is Embarrassing”

A$AP Rocky / “F*** Problems”

Dr. Dre / “Still Dre”

GG Allin / “Don’t Talk to Me”

Icona Pop feat Charli XCX / “I Love It”

Kanye West / “Diamonds From Sierra Leone”

Jay-Z  / “Heart of a City”

Picture Plane / “Goth Star”

Taylor Swift / “I Knew You Were Trouble”

I could go on… gym mixes are my favorite.

Need that play-list right now. Anyway, O&S is a celeb favorite! But who are YOUR favorite celebs who’s rocked your grunge-y duds? Hard to decide! Some I love include Natalia Kills, Sky Ferreira, Alexis Krauss, Miley Cyrus, Grimes, Gwen Stefani, Leigh Lezark…

Last but not least… every stylish human being must own this O&S item: A destroyed tee!

Alexis Krauss Obesity & Speed

Natalia Kills Obesity & Speed

Dee Dee from Dum Dum Girls is wearing a “Loners” sweatshirt photographed by Lyz Olko.
Alexis Krauss from Sleigh Bells is wearing a “CAN’T LOSE” mesh tank photographed by Robert Neely.
Natalia Kills is wearing a “CHOOSE DEATH” t-shirt, photograph via Obesity & Speed’s Instagram.


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