NYFW: The 9 Types of People You’ll Run Into And How To Flirt With Them


NYFW is a whirlwind of black cars, street style photographers, and slightly familiar faces of all the “influencers” you follow on instagram, you know, the girls who started as fashion bloggers but are now getting sponsorship offers to try and sell you a concierge airport parking service at LAX or beef jerky. Amidst this crowd, you might find one of the rarer breeds like an actual fashion journalist or editor, and your favorite high end designers. If you’re not satisfied with merely gawking at the rail thin models and the formerly-fashion-blogger-cum-Insta-famous-snack-hawkers, maybe you want to use NYFW as your moment to snag a date. And if you do, we wish you good luck, because this is going to be a tough one.

The newly graduated, overworked Fashion PR assistant who is still trying to justify working for their satanic bosses
How To Flirt With Them: Do not get in their way while they are working. Fashion Week is one never ending day at the most hectic and fast paced office on earth for PR assistants. It’s likely that they are doing all the real leg work that their bosses have dumped on in favor of munching salads and ice cubes with fashion’s elite. When you see them at a bar downtown, exhausted and sweaty, offer them lots of sympathy and alcoholic beverages. Or, maybe even a xanax. But, NOT in combination (that’s how you die, kids). Tell them everything is going to be okay and that fashion week will be over soon and one day they’ll be making more than $10/hour and this will totally be worth it.

The 15 Year old fresh-faced Model struggling to make it to all the shows on time
How To Flirt With Them: Um… Don’t. They’re 15. Gross.

The Showroom/Production Assistant pushing 8 racks of garments through crowds
How To Flirt With Them: First of all when you see them barreling through a crowd with garment racks, get out of their way and don’t bother them. When you see them off duty, you should probably still not bother them, but if you’re really trying to date one, don’t say anything just nod as they debrief their ridiculous 5am-1am schedule with you and look deeply shocked and upset when they tell you that one of the models almost spilled her coffee all over a $14,000 slip dress.

The Street Style Photographer taking photos of anyone with unnatural hair color
How To Flirt With Them: Be street style bait, get his card, nod eagerly when he tells you is IG handle, follow him, and then send him a direct message telling him how much you love his artistic perspective.

The Seasoned Staff Writer for Trendy Online Media Site Du Jour
How To Flirt With Them: We highly suggest you don’t since they (like everyone else on this list) are there to do their job. However, if you’re gunning to get into the pants of a fashion journalist try connecting with them about how awful PR people can be during fashion week.

Street Style Photographer Baiter, who has no tickets to shows but is there anyway to see and be seen
How To Flirt With Them: Run an instagram account that has over 200k followers, get a DSLR, photograph them, and post it up. Tag, message them to get drinks, watch their followers and likes go through the roof. Repeat.

The Social Media “Influencer” or “Tastemaker”
How To Flirt With Them: Talk about how important it is to “stay authentic and transparent” while still maintaining a recognizable “personal brand” and “aesthetic”.

The Bona-Fide Industry “Insider”, the seasoned version of number 1.
How To Flirt With Them: You can try, but you’ll get scoffed at and ignored

The Bloggers, whole gaggles of them.
How To Flirt With Them: Strike up a conversation when they aren’t busy with any of the types listed above. Talk to them about what were the most interesting garments they saw at that day’s show, and ask them what they’re most looking forward to seeing this time around.

There you have it. Your complete guide to flirting at NYFW.

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