NYFW Review: V-Files x Made Gets Furry

VFiles showcased 3 designers last night: ASSK, Melitta Baumeister and Hyein Seo- all of which were conceptually interesting which means basically I’d wear most of if which also means give it to which also means emails me frankie@galoremag.com. Here are some of the looks that were the best.

ASSK– reminded me of young kids who just moved to Bushwick, and I mean that as a compliment.  It was extremely nostalgic, and made me think of my friends and of people I know who’d definitely wear this. Oh, and an A+ for model diversity, that shit was very refreshing and made for a relatable show

AAG27777.450x675 AAG27864.450x675

Melitta Baumeister– I LOVE oversized clothes so when I saw that there was oversized leather jackets (I think it’s leather), Melitta grabbed my attention. She managed to incorporate that style that rich people wear with a style that poor people like me wear all the time- baggy, black & white (!!!!). Loved.

AAG27964.450x675 AAG27974.450x675 AAG28068.450x675

Hyein Seo– Whilst watching, I was least excited about this one. However, looking back at the pictures today it photographed amazingly well, and is actually awesome. The furrrrrr coats gurrrrrrl, so sick! I’m generally not into words on clothes, except for “juicy”, “sexy”, “cute” written on my but. HOWEVER, the  word “fear” written on all her clothes worked, this shit was fun.

AAG28271.450x675 AAG28103.450x675


All images courtesy of Style.Com 


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