NYFW: Jerome Of 5:31 Jerome Talks About His New Collection

I am so pleased I was able to catch this presentation, 5:31 Jerome, I had no idea what to expect. I was so overwhelmed with the amount of people at the show when I arrived, but to my pleasure there was a an excellent reason why, that being: i’d wear all of it. Jerome took a minute to chat to me about his collection, which was dope.


What was your inspiration for this collection?

I was inspired by seductions and hunting, I wanted to fuse the two worlds. I say hunting mainly because you have work wear, you have seduction and I wanted to make sure it fused together for everyday life and an everyday look. You know it changes color, you can do things that are very playful and technology driven, you can do something that’s very sexy with all the cut outs. it’s everything in one.

How about your use of gold?
Gold is really important to me, it’s so precious. I wanted to make sure that I showed a continuation from last season: barks, tree barks, gold, power, sexy.
What celebrate would you love to see in your clothes?
That’s interesting, because i’m not really keen on celebrities. I want real women who know what they want, and who wear things that they love. they don’t have to be told what to do, they know who they are.
What’s coming up for you next?
You’ll have to see, always sexy though!


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