Nyemiah Supreme Tells Us How To Maintain a Good Weave And Get A Twerkable Ass

If you couldn’t tell from her Twerk tutorial, Timbaland’s newest artist Nyemiah Supreme is unlike a lot of her female colleagues in the rap game. With her sultry almond-shaped eyes, long blonde locks, and an ass that Rihanna would envy, the artist has the goods to back up calling herself “the hottest bitch” around. The Queens-bred rapper’s debut EP There Can Be More Than 1, which features popular songs like Rock N’ Roll and Groundwork, serves as proof that she has the goods to surmount the industry and that looks aren’t the only thing this girl has to offer. Nyemiah stopped by the studio to play dress up with some new Married To The Mob swag and talk shop..
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What’re your tricks to maintaining a good weave?

Always throw  a braid in it. Whenever y hair is mess or I don’t feel like doing anything to do it, I put a long braid, my Supremacy braid, so it’s either a fishtail. My other trick is the Curlwand, you throw some curls in it, you’re ready to go, no ones knows your hair was a mess.

What’d you think of the new TLC movie/what was your favorite part and why?

I LOVED the movie! I grew up on them, my first CD was Crazy Sexy Cool, so it was really special to me. When the movie started I sort of got chills, like I totally remembered this. My favorite part was when the pregnant girl came up to Chili and was like “you know who baby dis is!!”, and then right after that Creep came on so it was like one of them “get back at him girl” moments. I thought that was a really great part of the movie.

What Spice Girl would you be and why?

I would be Scary Spice I guess because she;s the black one and she she always used to wear like really cool clothes, she has cool hair, she had huge boots. I think she had some Cheetah on a lot too, and I always wanted her lollipop when they made those.

Honey, Step Up, Or Save The Last Dance?

Save The Last Dance!

Tips for getting an ass like yours?

I would say squats, running, eating, eating, and eating; but really, I got it from my mama so it’s like natural ass.

Favorite 90’s TV show and why?

Martin! I loved Shanaynay and Jerome, and it was just really funny and I love guys that are funny, so it was really cool.


What other female rappers out there would you let join the Supremacy and why?

I would let any female rapper join it. The Supremacy is about girls who are getting up and doing their thing and not letting anyone tell them no. Telling them you can’t do this cause you’re a girl, you can’t be this way, you cant show this. So, any girl who’s about their business and doing their thing so all my girls can join the Supremacy.

Is ratchet dead or alive and why?

Ratchet is alive! I always feel most alive when I’m being ratchet. I’m like turn up, it’s lit, where the party at?! So, I love being ratchet.

Who would be your baby mama why?

Lashontae. I think she’s really pretty, I love her facial features, and her personality is really cool too.

Top 5 perfect songs to twerk to?

Busta Rhymes feat. Nicki Minaj- Twerk It

Trina- Look Back At Me

Classic Doo Doo Brown

French Montana- Pop That

Nyemiah Supreme- Groundwork 🙂

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Interview by: Jeremy McClain
Photography by: Nadia Bedzhanova

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