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DJ Franco V
Ladies (and, I shamelessly admit, this gay right here) love Franco V. And it’s no surprise… the New York-raised DJ and nightlife staple has a penchant for going shirtless while spinning dizzying sets at downtown’s finest boîtes. I personally will never forget that one super special summer night at an open bar-flowing rooftop soiree where Franco blasted THREE Britney Spears’ tunes back-to-back. Now that’s Galore’s kind of DJ…! We can’t wait to hear (see also: lose our minds and dignity on the dance-floor) lots more from Franco at the quickly approaching New York Fashion Week. Until then, Galore chatted with the foxy and talented man-about-town about his top secret Valentine’s Day plans, dead hookers, model crushes… and much more.

What is your zodiac sign? What are the ups and downs?
I’m a Scorpio. I’m not really that into this kind of thing but I’m told I’m a really obvious Scorpio… So whatever that means!

And what about your spirit animal?
I have Texas Dall Sheep taxidermy on my wall, so lets go with that!

What would your wedding song be?
Whatever the bride wants it to be. (I’m smart like that.)

Favorite Twitter Account to Follow: I’ve been getting a kick out of Modern Seinfeld (@seinfeldtoday), each tweet is a synopsis of what a Seinfeld episode would be about today.

First CD you purchased: Oh man, I have no idea, I really couldn’t even begin to try to remember.

Most Recent iTunes Download: Well, since iTunes is not my primary source of acquiring music I don’t use it that often, so the last music I got from there was probably an album by Calypso Mama and that was a few years ago.

Top 5 Songs to DJ currently:
All Gold Everything – Trinidad James (Korean Blow Remix)
Feed Me Diamonds – MNDR (RAC Remix)
How You Love It – Ester Dean Ft. Missy Elliot
Wild For The Night – A$AP Rocky Ft. Skrillex & Birdy Nam Nam
No Love Allowed – Rihanna Ft. Tafari

Favorite Restaurant: St. Anselm in Williamsburg — Delicious steak and not too pricey!

Favorite Nightlife Spot: Bow, Travis Bass’ new spot at 199 Bowery, is always ridiculously fun.

So, what are your Valentine’s Day plans? Who’s the lucky lady? None of your business! haha

Also approaching is NYFW… any shows/parties you’re looking forward to? I’ve never been too big on actually going to shows during fashion week. The parties though are another story; I like to hit as many parties as I can regardless of weather I’m DJing or not.

Let’s talk designers. Who are your faves? I dunno. I mix and match. I’m not super into fashion but I like to look good… Some combo of jackets and ties. Simple but sharp.

Most memorable evening in NYC?
The best nights are the one’s you can’t remember and I’ve had a lot of those.

Ditto. So, every dude needs a ….. in his closet.
Dead hooker? And maybe a selection of ties?

LOL. Okay, if you were asked to work a runway as a model, would you? And what show would you wanna strut in? 
I was actually doing the music for the Antonio Azzuolo presentation last Fashion Week. And like 5 minutes before the show was supposed to start, one of the models hadn’t shown up, so they came up to me and were like, “We need you to walk!” I was hesitant but agreed. Luckily 2 minutes later the model showed up! So to answer your question, yes, I guess I would.

And on that note, who is your model crush?
Cintia Dicker — sultry red head. Enough said.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
I don’t know where I’ll be next week so 10 years is a little much.

Photographer: Sioux Nesi
Make-up/Creative Director: Alexandra Kwiatkowski

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