NYC’s Best Pride Parties Of 2015

NYC Pride week takes place from June 21 – 28 this year and we’re super ready to march, dance, and party with all of queer New York. When you think of Pride you probably think of the massive parade that happens every June in New York, but you can’t forget all of the unofficial celebrations that occur before and after the march (which is happening on the 28th by the way–mark your calendars!) that are sure to be banging for the LGBTQ and straight identified attendants alike. Here’s the rundown of the most anticipated official AND unofficial Pride parties of 2015.


1. Azucar Brooklyn Pride Party

Celebrate Brooklyn Pride and kick things off early this Sunday, June 14th with Brooklyn’s own queer latin dance party. Get your tropical daytime party on at Bushwick’s Happyfun Hideaway.

2. Azealia Banks Is Performing at the Westway’s WestGay party. 

Banks tweeted  on June 9th that she’ll be at performing on June 23rd at WestGay, encouraging us all to “TURNETH THE F*CK UP”. No word from the Westway about tickets or time yet, but watch out for the information because snagging one is guaranteed to be difficult.

3. Ariana Grande at the Official Dance on the Pier 

Unfortunately tickets for the annual Dance On The Pier (happening June 28) are completely sold out, but you might be able to find some floating around on Craigslist if you’re lucky. If you’ve got your ticket, the night is going to be one hell of a party, with DJs Wayne G, The Cube Guys, and Ralphi Rosario in addition to Ariana.

4. Bluestockings’ Femme Mixer

For those of you who want to opt out of the “macho bullshit of corporate pride” Bluestockings is having a “femme centered” mixer and pot luck on June 19th before official Pride week begins. Be aware though, the event is alcohol and “asshole” free so don’t expect a rager. But, it’s sure to be a lovely Friday night with poetry, music, book swapping and art!


Ladyfag and Seva Granik’s queer Brooklyn warehouse party has set up a shin dig for Saturday, June 20th with headliner Heartthrob. This is sure to be the rager that Bluestockings isn’t so chill out on Friday night, then head out to Shadey-Os Frosted With Pride, for this special Pride edition of Shade for all of the techno you can get.

6. Hot Rabbit’s Dyke March After Party 

NYC’s lady centered LGBTQ party du jour Hot Rabbit is heading out to Bushwick’s Lot 45 for its Dyke March after party on June 27th. This is the Official Dyke March after party, so all proceeds from the event go to NYC Dyke March.


Pride’s after party for the ladies. You alternative to the Dyke March afterparty, Teaze is the yearly party for women thrown by Pride that also takes place on June 27th, and proceeds go to NYC’s Pride Organization. This year Orange Is The New Black’s Ruby Rose will be DJing so fans of the show might want to hurry up and buy a ticket to catch a glimpse of this stunning woman IRL.

Make sure to check back for more Pride NYC news as it rolls in. We’ll be keeping you updated as more announcements roll out. Have fun queer bbys!

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