7 Real Tales of Creepy Subway Harassment

All crime is bad but sexual offenses are especially twisted, so it’s no wonder that they often go down in the deepest, darkest depths of the city: the New York City subway system.

And they’re on the rise. In 2015, there were 130 reported cases of sexual abuse cases on the subway, a 33% jump from the 98 reported in 2014. There were 340 counts of “forcible touching” and 223 counts of “public lewdness,” jerking it or exposing your junk to the world.

The MTA has developed a website that allows subway riders to post any complaints of sexual misconduct that take place during their commutes, also making it possible to upload photos of any of the criminals to the site. Since then, the stories coming out have been insane. The surge in numbers could be because it’s easier to report harassment now — let’s hope that’s the case.

Also, the NYPD is aware of this increase and is training more female officers to deal with the cases of subway harassment, hoping to de-stigmatize the process of reporting the crimes.

Inspired by the MTA’s approach, we asked seven girls (because let’s be real, we’re usually the victims) to tell us their real experiences with hardcore creeps on the subway.

1. Should’ve Gone Before He Left

“I had just rushed onto the R train at Prince Street, when I noticed a guy pissing in between train cars. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, and I guess he felt me staring, because we made eye contact, and then he proceeded to enter my train car with his dick out, still pissing. He peed all over my shoes, before I freaked out and ran away!”

2. The Art of Subtle Assault

“Recently this lady next to me yelped, then screamed, ‘This man is sexually assaulting me!’ Everyone on the train kind of rolled their eyes, but I had also thought he was sort of humping me. So I was glad to know it was not only me. I think there’s an art in the subtle assault.”

3. Why Velcro Was Invented

“One day, while waiting for the train at the 14th street 1 train station, I bent over to tie my shoe, and some maniac ran up while I was squatted over, cockslapped me on my forehead, then bolted down into the tracks. I couldn’t stop crying, and I filed a police report, but never found him”

4. Oy Vey

“In middle school, this girl I knew went on a school trip to Wall Street with her class, and on the way there, a guy on the subway jerked off and ejaculated onto her. She was super traumatized, and I recently heard that she became a Hasidic Jew.”

5. Williamsburg, Man

“I was flashed by a hipster wearing nothing but a poncho at the Bedford Avenue L stop.”

6. The Downside of Denim Minis

“I’ve been groped on subway a handful of times. The first time was when I was 11, wearing my Abercrombie miniskirt, on my way down the stairs to the subway. The dude ran down, properly reached up my skirt, felt my ass then ran away.”

7. More Like Red in the Face

“I’m a white girl with a big butt. Recently, I was standing innocently in a subway car, listening to music, when I started to realize that something was going on, because everybody was looking at me. I took my headphones off, and realized that a homeless guy was yelling and pointing at me from the opposite end of the train car, repeatedly bellowing, ‘White in the face, black in the waist! White in the face!’ I was mortified.”

All in all, experiences like this suck and can be traumatizing. If you ever get harassed on the subway or anywhere for that matter, call the cops or report it here.

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