NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio is Not About That #FreeTheNipple Life

New York City’s mayor Bill DeBlasio is about to hit a Time Square staple–the topless women that hang out there, with whom tourists love snapping selfies with some “regulation”. The “progressive” mayor is getting ready to crack down on troupes of boob bearing performers who hang out in Times Square with other photo grubbing performers like off brand elmo and Mickey Mouse. #FreeTheNipple? Doesn’t look like DeBlasio is down for the cause.

The Times  recently reported that the mayor is looking to figure out a legal way to get the naked women away from vulnerable tourists, “There is a First Amendment protection for painting yourself and displaying yourself in a certain fashion. It makes no sense, but I understand that is a First Amendment protection,” the mayor quipped in a press conference on Tuesday.

It would seem that DeBlasio’s discomfort and concern has a lot to do with the alleged reports of painted women in Times Square being rather aggressive when it comes to getting paid. City Council member Corey Johnson told the Times “If it becomes unsafe and creepy, that becomes a problem that we have to address.”

But, what about the other street performers and panhandlers who call Times Square their place of work– like the ever abundant up and coming “rap stars” who shove their CDs in your hands as you walk by and then hound you for money to pay for them? DeBlasio may be making the bare chested ladies the poster children of his campaign to crackdown on street hustlers. Perhaps it’s easier to condemn topless women then innocent looking Hello Kitty or  Minnie Mouse?

There’s just one little problem. It’s legal to be topless in New York City–whether your a woman or a man regardless of whether you’re “paint[ed] a certain fashion” or not. New York City freed the nipple long ago. I wonder if Mayor DeBlasio has forgotten that?

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