All White Dressing, According To Style Stunner Nyané Lebajoa

Summer is the best season to reinvent your style. Whether it’s understated dressing or looking sexy and bold, it-girl Nyané Lebajoa has her summer look down pat. From all white outfits, to light and bright manis, to wearing lingerie out in public, checkout Nyané’s advice for experimenting in the coolest of ways.


1. What style are you digging for summer?

Bell bottoms and flared trousers. They remind me of the 70s style which I really love!

2. Thoughts on crotchet? Yay or nay? 



3. Any tips for wearing lingerie as outerwear?

Always pair it with some classy heels or jewelry.

4. What does your everyday jewelry look like?

All silver, coin necklaces, rings and bengals, ethnic vibes!

5. Summer booties or summer wedges?

I love letting my feet breathe haha so I’ll go for summer wedges!

6. Do you have a cozy summer dress you’re loving right now?

I have an amazing maxi white dress by Fame And Partners! It’s amazing and super comfy.

7. Should you match your manis to your outfits? What’s the best summer nail color?

You definitely and should and for the summer the best color is white, of course! 

8. How can you wear mesh without looking too scandalous?!

Add tons of ethnic jewelry! High waisted underwear can also make it look less over the top. 


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