Nyané Lebajoa On Hiding Tattoos From Your Family Over The Holidays

If you got hand tattoos since you last saw your family, how can you hide it? And how do you dress to not offend the old fogues around you without looking like one of the pioneer women the Thanksgiving holiday is celebrating? Model, designer, and soon to be famous YouTube style guru Nyané Lebejoa gave us the right advice. Not only is she secretly tatted up, she’s one member of a giant extended family. She’s one person who knows how to look chic for family photos and still be comfortable after stuffing yourself with Thanksgiving.

Your favorite holiday?


What’s the best way to shut up a family member who won’t stop asking you awkward questions?

Just respond ‘no comment’ for every question.

How do you get family members off your case when they’re questioning you about “the future”?

Remind them of how well I’m doing now and they need to be thankful of the present moments.

What’s an excuse girls can use to get out of family dinner early?

Period cramps never fails.

When all is said and done, what’s the best part about getting together with your family over the holidays?

The fact I rarely see my dad makes the holidays more special because he cooks the best meals. We always miss that when he’s away!

What does your family think about your style?

That I look like an old lady dressed in teenagers clothing because of my grey hair!

How do you update your style so you still feel like yourself, but also look appropriate at family dinners?

I cover up much more, in maxi dresses or some flared trousers, but I always still feel uncomfortable as I have hand tattoos. I have to lie and say it’s henna that I keep updating every month!

What’s the most annoying question family members asks when you get together?

“So, what have been up to these days?” I am doing so much random and different stuff, it’s so hard to sum it all up! I usually end up saying something equally general like “nothing much, the usual.”

What’s the craziest thing that ever happened to you over the Holidays?

I had dinner at my boyfriend’s with his family for the first time ever, and somehow managed to flip my cutlery up in the air. It was super awkward and embarrassing.

What do you like best between modeling, designing, and YouTubing?
I enjoy designing the most. It’s the reason why I got into fashion in the first place. I love modeling and blogging and the Instagram game but ultimately I would love to have my own clothing line and be able to turn my vision of fashion into reality! I’m working on some capsule collections for 2016 which I am not allowed to tell you much about, but I can’t wait to reveal everything!
Can we find more style advice on your YouTube?
Yup, right now you’ll find my favorite trends and newly discovered music. I’ll be doing Q & A sessions soon too, where viewers can ask for career advice or style tips! You can see more on my Instagram.

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