Now You Can Wear Nude Louboutins No Matter What Your Skin Tone Is

Thanks to rap music (or more aptly, rap music videos), we’ve all been conditioned to want a pair of those iconic red bottomed shoes otherwise known as Louboutins.  However, until very recently, if you wanted a “nude” pair, you had to settle for a beige or peach-toned shoe.  While nobody’s ever been surprised to hear the word racist being used at the fashion industry’s expense, what is surprising is that Christian Louboutin has become the first luxury label to expand its definition of the color nude.

The new nude collection will feature two additional heel varieties (the Deepik, which will have scalloped edges and the Dorissima, which looks just the same as the existing stilettos) that will come in a variety of seven hues ranging from fair to chestnut.

And, because this is 2015, the world’s most iconic brand of foot ware is looking to launch a hashtag of their own: #NudesForAll.  Could they have chosen something that didn’t sound like a rallying cry for women all over the world to take naked pictures of themselves?  Yes.  Does it matter?  No.  But when a mainstream comedian picks up on this, just remember that you heard it from Galore first.

While all of this is ostensibly very good news, the downside is now nothing is holding you back from owning your own pair besides the depressing state of your bank account.  Better finally accept all those invitations of LindekIn, people.

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