Now We Know What Kimye Looks Like F***ing On A Motorcycle In The Desert

Kanye “I’m a God” West went on Ellen yesterday to premiere his new video for his song Bound 2, and it is literally EVERYTHING you’ve ever wanted in life! As a sort of new aged Bonnie & Clyde, the video features Mr. West and a bare Mrs. West riding on a motorcycle through the Grand Canyon (a la Macbook Photobooth) with only the love in their hearts and a soft spotlight to bring out Kim’s perfectly contoured face. We can’t help but wonder what would be going through the pairs mind were this video real..

Kim’s probz like, “Do my tits look good in this light, babe?” tumblr_mwigg6B1Gf1shbgx3o3_250 Kanye’s all like, “Damn, if we could take a picture right now, it would be the greatest picture OF ALL TIME! We the American dream baby!” tumblr_mwigg6B1Gf1shbgx3o1_250 Kim’s all like…well, she’s just getting some dick here… tumblr_mwigg6B1Gf1shbgx3o2_250 Then she’s all sleepy because she just got f***ed on a motorcycle in the desert, sooo… tumblr_mwigg6B1Gf1shbgx3o4_250


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