Nothing Has Been The Same Since Drake’s Nothing Was The Same

This time last year one of our favorite albums ever, Nothing Was the Same, dropped. Today, we commemorate the year anniversary of this classic album with our fave Drake moments that make us love him.

1. When he played the hottest 80s Miami gangster in the >best music video ever.

When you’re thinking about the ultimate bangers of 2013, inevitably, Hold On, We’re Going Home comes to mind. I mean, Drake crooning to me in his sexy falsetto, telling me that I’m a good girl. That’s really all I’ve ever wanted. And the vid might be even better than the song. Check it here.
hold on

2. That time he tried to steal some dude’s girl right in front of him.

A couple of years ago, at his show in Ottawa, Drake called out a sexy babe in the audience… that was there with her boyfriend. In a strong showing of giving no f***s, Drake let the dude know that he’d “f*** the shit out of your girl” and made us all insanely jealous of some random chick we’ve never met. Ugh. *swoon*
Fast forward to 8:50 to see for yourself.

3. That time he totally killed it at the Espy’s.

This past July, Drake was the host of the 2014 Espy’s. For those of you like me that have no idea wtf the Espy’s are, they’re for people that like sports and are actually apparently a v big deal. Whatever. Regardless, Drake hosted and was as supremely awesome as you’d expect. He even included his longtime nemesis, Chris Brown, in a sketch in the ultimate idgaf move. Watch it here.

4. That time he got so adorably flustered on Ellen.

Ellen had Drake on her show to torture us and ask the question we all need to know the answer to: Who Has Drake Dated? Obviously, because he’s everything, he was totally embarrassed in the most perfectly charming way. Also, when asked if he’d ever dated Kim K he basically said “f*** no.” here.

5. When he got the best lap dance of all time.

If you’re like me, you were totally obsessed with the Anaconda vid from the first shot of Nicki’s booty. Just when you thought you Nicki’s unreal twerking couldn’t get any better, Drake decided to show up and get a lap dance. Just cause.

6. The time him and Rihanna performed Take Care live and were the greatest f***ing couple ever.

This song is still one of my fave sexiest/most romantic duets of all time, and Drake and Rihanna’s live performance of their hit in Paris did not disappoint. Cause if Drake isn’t going to date me, then the only other person he should be with is Rihanna.

7. That time he reminded us how funny he is with this SNL sketch.

It’s not enough that he’s sexy and talented, he’s f***ing hilarious too. Shoutout to Andy Samberg for the greatest Drake interview ever. “And now a wordless seduction of Drake.” LOL.


8. When he was featured on the (lowkey) best song on Beyonce’s album.

Obviously Partition, Drunk And Love, and Flawless were instant hits, but the real classic on Beyonce’s album was Mine featuring, duh, Drake. The video is wild with insane visuals that include Drake’s face superimposed over Bey’s while saying “you’re mine.” F*** what you heard Jay-Z.
bey drake

9. That time he showed his 100% dedication to staying fresh.

I had to :).

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