Not So Peachy Misconceptions I Had About Adulthood

When I was younger my perception of what was cool about adulthood was a bit skewed. Like off as f*ck. I couldn’t wait to be a grown up. I could have boobs, date guys, have my own shit and be free from my parents. Now as I get older, I see why grown ups always said, “Never rush to get old”. So true. You get older and realize we all die, nothing is as it seems and the world is f*cking nuts. Here are a few things I realized, especially after leaving the nest:


Periods | Wtf was I thinking? I remember my school friend having her cycle and getting to carry around cute pearl tampons and pads. Now that I look back, what was so cute about that? I guess the Tampax ad’s I always saw in Seventeen Magazine did it. I couldn’t wait to have a period. Be a woman. Nobody told me that you would ruin tons of underwear and have muscle cramps from hell. After passing out from my first menstrual cramps, I realized that shit was not sweet or fun.


Paying For Your Own Shit | Paying bills and having things like cell phones seemed fun to me. Something about paying for stuff myself made me feel good. It still does but damn those bills sure add up. Now I wish had no bills. I hate looking in my bank account and seeing a huge chunk of cash gone. I hate worrying about penalties and having shit on time. Wah.


Men & Sex | Growing up and exploring myself but never having the real deal…I thought sex would be magical with a man I loved. I mean it could be but I didn’t know it would be painful. Or boys lie to get it. Funny how back in school you could tell if a guy likes you by a kiss or just saying so. Now you can kiss, have sex, wake up to each other, talk for months and STILL not know if he really likes you. F*cking adulthood.


Nobody Really Cares | Adulthood is such a roller coaster ride. When you’re a kid, people have sympathy, listen and want to help. As an adult I realize that nobody cares because they’re going through their own shit. Nobody cares if you can’t make rent. Nobody cares if your car broke down. Nobody cares. Growing up I had to stop feeling entitled real f*cking quick. People who haven’t matured in that way look like aliens to me. The world owes you nothing.


Man looking back, I had the game all the way messed up. But everyday I’m learning and growing accustomed to it. Cheers to growing up!

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