Not Every Guy Sucks At Communicating


I was walking to work the other day when the homeless man on the corner shouted out to tell me that I dropped something behind me. Of course my headphones are usually blasting over the max which is why I usually end up going through several pairs a month, but I didn’t have time to turn my volume up so I turned around to check and see what fell.

As soon as I did the homeless man raised his voice again saying, “Mam! You dropped something! My number! It’s 834…”

I had to give him credit though, or a dollar in my case, because his pick up line was more original than most texts I receive.

Which got me thinking about how guys communicate with girls now. Or actually their lack of communication. I mean, I have more detailed conversations with customer service from Time Warner. Or my pet goldfish. Just kidding. I don’t actually have a goldfish, but I’m sure if I did we would have better chats.

There are a select few guys out there who actually give a shit about how your day went or why work was a blow. These guys are the good morning texters, the goodnight texters, the ones you get excited about when you’re at work and see their name pop up on your screen, or the ones you want to FaceTime at the end of your day. The rest are only interested in meeting up so they can take you back home.

But my point is if you finally meet a guy worth talking to, who has something to add to the conversation besides a few one worded responses, then you should definitely hear what they have to say. Because communication is becoming a lost art these days and the men out there who are still able to master it deserve your time.

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