North’s Best Fashion Week Pouts

Our style icon of the moment, North West, attended her inaugural runway show in Pa-rih last week. With parents as fashion obsessed as Kimye, it’s a wonder it took Nori over 15 months of living to get front row at Paris Fashion Week, but I guess not even Yeezus’ first-born is perfect.

Obviously, because she’s the offspring of the queen of all things media, North had her picture taken. And obviously, because her mother is also the queen of the selfie, she looked freaking fantastic. Here are the fiercest North pouts of the week:

1. The do-eyed pout. This is a Nori classic. It plays up her cuteness, while also innocently says ‘WTF am I doing here.’

2. The one-leg pop. North made her debut at Balenciaga looking fierce in a leather skirt, all black Tim’s, and repping daddy in a Yeezus T. This simple strut is a total classic that showcases her style. It says, ‘checkout my fly AF outfit’, but also, ‘why are you taking my picture you random strange man.’

3. The judgy side glance. This is a personal fave. North arrived at the Givenchy show in a matching sheer dress with mom. She also arrived throwing maximum shade at the haters. This look may epitomize North’s entire week. It says, ‘you are peasants and I am a one-year-old wearing Givenchy.’

4. The I am so over Givenchy TBH. I love this pose because it really showcases North’s personality. She’s a regular girl that needs her mom and dad, but also a total diva cause she just can’t do fashion week rn!

And just in case you weren’t already aware, here’s North’s personal name card on her front row seat at Givenchy, to prove that she’s more fabulous than you are.


Image from Women’s Wear Daily.

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