Noname Gypsy, The Poet-Turned-Rapper With An Unmistakable Flow

If You Don’t Know…


Name: Noname Gypsy
Age: 23
Hometown: Chicago
Albums: NONE! But this summer her debut album Telefone is coming out, and she promises “to turn the f*ck up” for it.
Where You Might Have Heard Of Her: On Chance The Rapper’s album Acid Rain 
Buzz On The Street: Noname Gypsy sounds “like Marvin Gaye and Gwendolyn Brooks had a baby who sipped on some Henny.”
Notable Tracks:





Top 5 Reasons Why Noname Gypsy Should Get All The Cool Points:

1. Girl has more important things to be worrying about than just turning up in the club. Her Twitter account is filled with articulate calls for racial justice. Black lives matter, and the more people who stand up, say it and keep saying it, the sooner society will have to change.


2. Just like the rest of us, she struggles with Snapchat/Instagram addiction and wishes she read more.


3. She ain’t about that fake friend life

4. But she definitely fux wid that smokin’ hot biddie Mary Jane.


5. Have you listened to her flow?  She says more in one song than some rappers say on ENTIRE albums and she doesn’t sound like ANYBODY in the game.

So do yourself a favor and get on the Noname train before girl blows up, and you’re falling in love with her at the same time as the rest of the world.  In life, sometimes it’s the small things, like feeling cool that matter.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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