Non-Drag Do’s & Dont’s of Highlight & Contour

Highlighting and contouring seem to be the biggest trends in makeup today.

But the technique only looks good when it’s done right. Without the proper tools and techniques, you could look like a drag train wreck. Here are a few Dos & Don’ts when it comes to highlighting and contouring:


Do – Use concealers closer to your natural skin tone. Yes, when you highlight you should use lighter concealer but not 20 shades lighter. Same with the darker shade for contouring. We want to enhance our beauty not have a brand new face.

Don’t – Use too much product. Less is more. No cake face please. You don’t have to copy Kim Kardashian’s pre blend photos exactly. Use enough just for you. 

Do – Blend your make up as well as you can. Hard lines are not cute and will make you look like a drag queen. A beauty blender and good makeup brushes really help. Even using your fingers can give a natural look. Smooth it on out!

Don’t – Overly contour your nose. Leave this to the professionals girl. This can make or completely break your look. If you must, don’t use too much product and BLEND, BLEND, BLEND!

Do – Take a picture of your makeup. In the mirror your highlight and contour may look flawless. But, in various lighting and even on camera, it can make you look crazy depending on what concealers you have used. So before you walk out the house looking like a two toned ghost, see if the mirror lied.

That concludes our dos and don’t’s for highlighting and contouring. Hope this has helped you on your journey to being #flawless. 

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