Naughty Nomi

Alex Catarinella: So I hear you’re a massive RuPaul’s Drag Race fan. How did you feel when Raven and Jujubee were forced to lip-sync against one another?
Nomi Ruiz: I was a little over the crying. Seeing drag queens crying is really disturbing to me and that season it was very heavy on the drag cry. I just wanted them to slay each other! It’s like seeing clowns cry or something. It freaks me out.

AC: I mean, what kind of crazy actually likes clowns? Other clowns? I will never understand.
NR: One time a clown walked onto the train with a duffle bag and just stood there. I literally ran out to the next car. I thought he was gonna pull out a machine gun and shoot everyone. The movie It is what really did it for me. I haven’t slept since.

AC: American Horror Story scared the shit out of me, yet I watched the first season in one sitting.
NR: That’s the same thing with me watching Damaged. That show ruined my life — I didn’t do anything until I finished it. Glenn Close slays in it. They get so paranoid and think everyone’s blackmailing them. Someone’s like, “Wanna get dinner?” And they’re like, “Why are you asking me to get dinner? What’s your agenda?”

AC: Let’s talk about Jessica 6 and the jams. How’s the forthcoming album coming along?
NR: Most of the production is done. It’s really vintage-sounding but still modern at the same time. There’s a lot of ‘80s influences and some R&B moments. It’s dance; it’s moody; it’s emotional. I want it to be a tight and concise album. I’m planning on having it out this summer… it’ll be a sexy summer!

AC: Who are some women in music who rock your world?
NR: Well, Janet [Jackson] of course. When I was younger, I wanted to be a choreographer and I would study her videos. I love Sade, of course. And Stevie Nicks — she’s my bitch. She’s really inspired me as a songwriter. I was obsessed with R&B. Remember Mya’s Fear of Flying? Oh my God, and Aaliyah!

AC: The fashion world loves you. Where do you get your shop on?
NR: I love little teenage stores with those little slutty one-pieces. I’m so down with Rainbow but I haven’t been in a while. I go shopping a lot in Sunset Park, where I live. It’s so fun. They have good jeans too — especially if you have a booty.


Photography: Jacob Dekat
Creative Direction: Prince Chenoa
Make Up: James Vincent
Hair: Dakota Heman

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