Nolcha Fashion Week’s Designer Katty Xiomara On How She Emerged

Nolcha Fashion Week is THE platform for independent designers during NYFW and boasts such names as Katty Xiomara, whose designs speak for themselves. She chatted to us about inspirations and whats coming up next.


Tell us about how you got into fashion:
I believe it started as teenager. My first “real” encounter with fashion was when I would make a kind of dress or my own outfit just to go out with some friends as I did not want to look like everybody else. Over time this became another dress, then another…

How would you describe your clothing?
The brand’s philosophy falls within the concept of author which makes it personal. The style offers an individual strong attitude yet guided by the romantic spirit. The working structure is meticulous and the constant attention is needed. My collections are elegant, voluptuous, poetic, idyllic and romantic. The merger of the fluidity and rigidity of forms create a very refined silhouette. The contours are simple but artsy with small details.


How does being from Portugal influence your work?
It’s impossible to not absorb some of your surroundings; even if subconscious influences. Living and working in a city that was recently considered as one of the trendiest cities in Europe as well as being near to the Portuguese textile industry, has to add something to my influences as I am immersed in this daily.

What are some of inspirations?
I tend to find inspiration in all artistic expressions; music, architecture, cinema, literature, design and so on. I have the notion that I get a lot of influences in many ways and from various places. I like what the past left us subconsciously and therefore I have the tendency to reinvent. Graphic art is also a fundamental premise in my work.

Which celebrity would you love to wear your clothes?
Well I believe that there are some that portray my aesthetic philosophy including Emma Stone, Lilly Collins, Taylor Swift, Jessica Alba, Zoe Saldana, Kerry Washington and Jennifer Connelly. My list could go on!

Career highlight?
I don’t know if I would recall one specific highlight but milestones that are vivid in my mind include my first runway shows in Paris and in New York as well as the recent International Design Award. Those I believe are consequences of hard work and of my willingness to do better.

What’s next?
The next step is to strengthen the collection presence in the USA


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