No Joy Teach Us How To Tour In Style

We have been obsessing over Montreal dream-pop band No Joy’s latest record, More Faithful. Their newest album is a beautiful brew of the greats of shoegaze past and a stronger sound from No Joy than we’ve ever seen before. The band has been on a crazy tour to promote the new record, which can all be followed at their fantastically titled instagram, @NOYJOY68JK69, and they seem to be having way more fun than any of us. We decided to pry open the secrets of behind the No Joy tour so lead singer Jasamine White-Gluz gave us the skinny on touring in style.

No Joy, More Faithful, Galore

Entourage vs. Jurassic World: which wins for No Joy approved summer blockbuster?
We’ve seen Spy, Entourage and Jurassic World. I’m outnumbered, I thought Entourage was the best movie of the summer but everyone else did not. Jurassic World was kind of stupid because the main girl’s haircut was very distracting the whole time. I think the movie of the summer is going to be Minions actually. We’ve been following their career for a really long time.

Minions, No Joy, Galore

What’s one way to automatically gain entry to a No Joy concert?
We like free stuff. But you know, just be nice. Kindness is a gift.

What bit of home do you always bring with you on tour?
I always have my jewels and my crystals and of course my phone. I think we’re always on top of keeping in touch with everyone that way.

What tips do you have for curating an envious tour instagram?
It’s just about anything stupid, it just doesn’t matter. The less posing the better. The best thing is to not take it too seriously and don’t use the apps that airbrush your face.

No Joy, More Faithful, Galore

Or the ones that give you a simulated thigh gap!
I think I saw Lindsey Lohan do that. Just leave it. But maybe we’re gonna use it to give ourselves extreme thigh gap.

Do you have a fave song from the new record to play live?
“I am an Eye Machine”, because I couldn’t sing it at all the first three months that we were playing it. Now I’ve figured out kind of how to sing it so I feel better every night that we do it. So now when we do it I’m like, “Yay, I did it!” It’s kind of like a confidence booster.

When you stop at a gas station, what item do you have to buy?
I’ve been eating Cheez-Itz a lot. You feel better because you’re like it’s not chips it’s crackers, but it’s just processed cheese. Garland gets Smart Water because he feels smart and he does all the driving. I used to eat a lot of Pop-Tarts.

What song would definitely make the No Joy approved van playlist?
“Cheerleader” by Omi.

What are the essential ingredients for a killer No Joy after party?
A swag bag, red wine and some crazy lights.

And lastly, what’s been the most legendary moment on tour thus far?
We just played NXNE in Toronto and we played a three night residency. There were so many bands playing that we toured with before…it was like everyone we knew in one room so it was really important. The bookers are friends of ours so it was really a nice festival.

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