Comic Book Dressing, According To Tokyo Queen Nina Utashiro

Nina Utashiro understands the art of comic book dressing better than anyone. From anime stores to high end brands, Nina’s style mixes the weird, the chic, and the downright fashionable. Check out some of her tips to experimenting with your personal style!


Photography By Maya Kibbel

1. You describe yourself as an “Otaku”. How would you best describe “Otaku” to foreigners?

I would call myself an Evangelion and Comme Des Garçons “Otaku.” Always nice to wear clothes that look like they popped out of a comic book or cartoons. Contrary to what people think, otaku is someone who is obsessed with something.

2. What’s your typical day-to-day look?

Red eyeshadow, dark lips, platforms, dropcrotch pants and a t-shirt.

3. I know there are definitely otaku fans around the world, so could you recommend a secret gem must-visit in Tokyo?

There’s an Evangelion shop in Ikebukuro if you’re an Evangelion Otaku.

4. What’s your least favorite fashion trend in Japan?

Booty shorts over tights in the winter.

5. Lastly, would you rather be bra-less or panty-less?








Photography By Maya Kibbel

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