Fall in Love with Smokin’ Outlaw Nikki Lane

Country music singer-songwriter Nikki Lane is a Galore girl after our own hearts. She is a triple threat who is an expert on her music craft, as well as a shop-owner, clothing designer, and all-around badass.  After releasing her album, All of Nothin,’ that was produced by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys, last year, she plans to spend much of 2015 on tour. When we caught up with her, this Southern girl shared with us her love of country music, the keys to finding vintage treasures, and her secrets to looking fierce while she’s on the road.


When did you fall in love with country music?

Being from the south, I was always around country music. George Strait was my first musical crush that I remember, but it wasn’t until my early twenties living in LA and hanging out at bars like Little Joy that I started listening to old country music that ultimately pushed me to start writing my own music.

Dolly Parton or Patsy Cline?

Dolly Parton. What a success story… a hard working bad ass woman who thrived for decades, and has some of the funniest and most witty quotes I have ever come across.

If you could collaborate with any country music star, who would it be and why?

I think, Merle Haggard if we’re talking about real country. He’s my favorite country legend that’s still around. It would be an honor to get to make music with one of the greats.


Lana del Rey raved about your music to us. How did you guys connect?

My manager has known Lana for years, so when she came down to Nashville I was excited to get to spend time with her. She put a lot of time and effort into where she is now and really worked to get there, and I took to heart the things she had to say about the long ride this job can be and establishing your place. It lit a fire under my ass.

Dan Auerbach produced your album “All or Nothin'”. What was that like and how did it compare to your first record?

Dan has an incredible vibe in the studio. His selection of players is always spot on for the project, and watching him working with musicians to help sculpt a sound for the record was thrilling. I was trying to take notes so I could learn something to take onto later sessions. It was only my third time in to record an album with a producer, so the development of the songs and arrangements have come a long way since my first record.


We also hear you have a great vintage collection and own a vintage store too.

High Class Hillbilly is my vintage shop and my excuse to stop at any antique store I come across while we’re on tour. It lives inside another shop now called Moto Moda in Nashville because I haven’t been home enough to have a stand alone store. I am obsessed with finding the best pieces from each era and if I wasn’t so good at staging my collections you would call me a hoarder.

Give us 5 tips on how to find the best deals when shopping vintage.

1. Get out of town. The best stuff is in the middle of nowhere just waiting for you.

2. Learn what feels good. No literally….I can shop fast because if I just rub my hand down a big rack of sweaters I can tell what’s old and might be good by the look and feel of the fabric.

3. Learn your measurements, then get online. If you know your inseam, waist, and your shoulder to shoulder measurement you’ll rarely be disappointed with what you get in the mail and the best deals are often online.

4. Goodwill Pay By the Pound. I have been to almost all of them in the country. Filthy giant blue bins full of junk that goodwill didn’t waste their time to price and put on racks. I can’t tell you how many things, including my prized 1940’s leather guitar strap, I have bought from those stores at just $1.49 a pound.

5. Don’t be cheap. The best stuff is often not a good deal, because it’s the best stuff. Pony up and look cooler than everyone else.


What is your beauty regiment on tour?

Eyelashes! They make me forget that I jut drove 8 hours to get there and that I’m not in the mood to get ready. Before bed, I try really hard to force myself to wash my face after we finally get to the hotel. Then, its just Kiehl’s Moisturizer and I’m out like a light.

What can we expect from you in 2015?

Making my way to a town near you! We’ll be touring hard all next year and recording a new record. Also working on a lot of design collaborations because I have never really gotten over my manufacturing bug.

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