How Actress Nikki Gray Gave Up Sugar And Changed Her Body

Sugar, we all love it. Whether it’s from a Krispy Kreme donut, our favorite chocolate bar or even white bread. Most Americans are addicted to refined sugar and carbohydrates. How many have felt what it’s like to consume a diet free of these unhealthy dietary options? A small number. To many people, it seems extreme to eat a no-sugar diet or to refuse pasta or bread at a dinner party. If people knew how much better they would feel without the refined carbohydrates, they would cut them out of their lives…immediately!

I usually stay away from sugar and have since I was 18. I noticed my thighs were getting a little ‘softer’ and not as toned. As soon as I cut out the sugar, they were slim and tight, just how I wanted them. Changing your diet can change your body even more than the gym. Although working out is essential to good health and state of mind–abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym. I’ve had ‘abs’ all my life, even when I didn’t work out for months. I know for a fact this is because of my low carb/low sugar diet. The last couple months, I kind of slipped off the no-sugar wagon following a non-elective surgery and let’s just say, I’m definitely ready to get back on track. Sugar makes me feel tired both mentally and physically. I literally feel like a million bucks without it. Say NO to: bread – white or wheat, potatoes, french fries, candy, ice cream, popcorn, and fried foods.


1. Chromium – 200 mcg daily. Chromium helps normalize blood sugar and annihilate cravings for sweets.

2. L-glutamine – Follow the directions on the bottle. Diminishes sugar cravings.

3. L-tyrosine – Increases energy and can boost weight loss. Take 1000 mg in the morning. This will help keep your energy up.

4. Stevia – This sweetener is your new best friend. Put it in your coffee, tea, or whatever you need sweetened.

5. Eat plenty – Eat all of the fruits and vegetables you want. Nuts, fish, organic dairy and organic chicken–even organic bacon. Remember sugar is the enemy, not fat. Healthy fats are great…avocado, nuts, cheese; go for it! When I say NO sugar, I mean no sugar added products. Whole dairy carbs/sugars are fine.


1. You’ll be able to think more clearly with diminished brain fog.

2. More energy, improved mood. If depression, bipolar disease, manic depression, A.D.D. run in your family, then you should definitely steer clear of sweets.

3. Your skin will be more vibrant and clear. Sugar causes inflammation which in-turn causes acne and nothing, aside from alcohol, drugs and cigarettes, will age you quite like sugar.

4. You’ll have a better sex life. A diet high in sugar sends hormones out of whack. Sugar also hinders circulation.

5. This is an obvious one, but better dental health and less cavities.

6. Cutting down on refined sugar and carbohydrates now can save you from developing diabetes in the future.

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