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Nigerian Independence day was on Oct.1, and my lovely Najia crew got down with their baaaaaad selves¬†🇳🇬!!

For those of you who aren’t as familiar with the rise of Nigerian influencers, don’t worry. Me and my Nigerian gal pals are here to school y’all today. Read on to learn about these eight up-and-coming Nigerian millennials you need to know about NOW.

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Dotun Abeshinbioke

If you love stylish statement earrings, look no further. Dotun Abeshinbioke was a freshman in college when she came up with the concept “Spot by Dots” thanks to a school project that involved lazer cutting.

Now she laser cuts acrylic sheets to make beautiful statement earrings like her most popular piece: the iridescent Africa earring. Check out her website and her Instagram¬†and get ready to be “spotted” with your cute new earrings!

Whitney Madueke

Whitney Madueke is a model, public speaker, aspiring fashion designer, and Youtuber. Her blog “Desourire” is used to share her “creative take on fashion, style, and beauty.”

She uses all of her platforms to celebrate her Nigerian culture and to show how living in Lagos, Nigeria, Reading, England, and New York, N.Y., inspired her lifestyle and fashion. Also, her motivational Youtube videos are definitely worth looking at. Check out her blog, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube  so you can begin to live your best life.

Tolu Oye

Is your scalp telling you no but your hair game wants to tell you yes? Is your skin dry and all you want is that summer ’17 glow but year round?

Tolu Oye got the goods for you. Tolu came up with Oye Shea Butter, which means “listen up,” cuz the king of all shea is here. Oye Shea Butter was created because in Nigeria. Tolu’s mom used to collect nuts from Shea trees and used it on her and her sister’s skin and hair. Seeing the results and feeling inspired, she wanted everyone to experience their best skin and hair day.

Check out her website and Instagram and get ready to set free your inner glowing goddess.

Doyin J

Doyin J is a a Najia girl just “trying to build her own EMPIRE.” She is a Content Creator/ YouTuber who documents almost every topic like: spirituality, makeup, fashion, and her travels to Nigeria. She will slay your newest makeup routine while schooling you on bible verses you did not even know about. So if you want some sermons for the soul while learning how to perfect your winged eyeliner, check out her YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

 Jennifer Abu

Jennifer Abu is a co-founder of WACRIA which is Women and Children’s Rights in Africa. WACRIA is a platform for awareness and advocacy for Women and Children in Africa because “usually their cries are silenced, news outlets tend to not focus on them.”

She was already featured in a panel for the UN Women and has had her own panels talking about how we can spread more awareness for those who cannot speak for themselves. Check out her website and her Instagram for more info on how you can get involved.


Hold on to your wig sis because PeakMill is about to snatch it off and give you a brand spanking new one. PeakMill is a hair, beauty and fashion YouTuber with a concentration in making wigs look FABULOUS. Sis knows the secret to transforming your tired wig from party city to a 100% fresh human Indian hair lace front.

Be prepared, you will want to buy 20 new wigs after you watch her videos. Check out her YouTube and Instagram and trust me, you wont be disappointed.

Moshoodat Sanni

Moshoodat Sanni is a AMAZING makeup artist, licensed aesthetician, and creative director located in NYC.

She has worked with top¬†modeling agencies like Wihelmina, Major Models and APM. She has worked on set with networks like VH1, OWN and Oxygen. So trust and believe sis is always #bookedandbusy but that doesn’t stop her from creating her own projects inspired by women of color like her latest one called “The Paint Series.”

Check out her website, Instagram, and Twitter to see her flourish with her latest projects.

Jackie Aina

QUEEN. OF. MAKEUP. REVIEWS. Jackie Aina is known for her hilariously candid makeup critiques and her flawless hair/makeup tutorials on Youtube. You can always count on her to bring her viewers the true tea with these makeup brands.

She is a proud Nigerian-American and you can always catch her repping her Najia roots in her videos. Whether she’s checking¬†Jefferey Star on twitter, or calling out¬†Kim K for condoning problematic racists, you know that she is not afraid to speak her truth and look good while doing it.

Check out her YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter and get ready to laugh your ass off.

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