Nicole Isaacs Is A Professional Jet Setter


Miss Jet Setter Nicole Isaacs is constantly traveling the globe: she’s hit up Africa, Asia, Hawaii, the Philippines, and every other place imaginable. The one thing that remains constant throughout her travels? The fact that she’s always searching for her next great meal. Seriously, you won’t believe the things Nicole has tried, from duck embryo to goat jaw. Wet your appetite by reading the rest of our interview, and head over to Nicole’s blog to learn more about her travels!


What’s the best thing you’ve ever eaten on your travels?

I’ve had so many incredible meals while traveling but one of my favorites is this Ahi Tuna Wrap I had at the Kilauea Fish Market in Kauai. The Kilauea Fish Market is off the beaten path—it was a 20-minute detour from my resort, and it’s basically a fish shack on a dirt lot, which felt like the middle of nowhere.  You order at a deli-counter and there are a couple wooden tables outside. They offer all types of fish fresh out the ocean, but they are known for the Ahi Tuna Wrap. The ahi was seared warm and wrapped in a thin tortilla with Oriental sesame dressing, cabbage/cucumber/carrot slaw and brown rice. The sesame sauce gave the wrap incredible flavor, the brown rice was warm and the fresh tuna melted in your mouth. It all worked together perfectly, and it was light and delicious. I went back for seconds on the last day of my trip because it was that good!

What’s something shocking you learned about food on your travels? 

I always try a traditional food from any place I travel to. I’ve eaten everything from fish eyes, to animal tongue, pig ears, alligator, kangaroo and so much more. While recently traveling in Scotland & Ireland I had haggis and black pudding with almost every meal and found it to be delicious. Haggis is a savory pudding containing animal intestines (heart, liver, and lungs), minced with onion, oats, and spices, mixed with stock traditionally encased in the animals’ stomach. Black Pudding is similar, but made with animal blood. I also tried Belut in the Philippines (a duck embryo still in the egg), which is also a traditional Filipino food. In Tanzania, I spent the day in a Masai village and they made me a traditional drink that is supposed to help with stomach digestion. It was made from natural ingredients such as tree bark, plants, dirt, goat jaw, and animal blood. And those are just a few of the things I’ve tried!

How do you keep your bikini body on point despite being a major jet setter?

This is always my most dreaded question haha. I don’t really have a great answer, because the truth is I deserve to be 300 pounds. I don’t work out very often and I am a huge foodie so I don’t deprive myself from eating what I want, especially while eating for a living. I think what works for me is to try not to over eat (which is usually difficult for me), and to try and make healthier choices whenever I can. I don’t like going to the gym or working out, but when I travel I like to be active whether it’s swimming, hiking or just walking around and exploring.

Is there an on-the-go recipe you can share with Galore?

I pride myself in being an excellent sandwich maker! Sandwiches are great because they are easy to make and you can take it on the go. All you need is great bread, a few ingredients and you’re set. My specialty is pretty simple. Sliced deli meat (pastrami, chicken or turkey), avocado, sliced havarti cheese, a little pesto and chipotle aioli, on grilled or toasted bread. I also love freezing fruit and putting it in ziplock bags when I’m running out of the house and want something quick. Try freezing grapes, blueberries, or pineapple for a refreshing, light snack on the go.




Photographed By Solmaz Saberi
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