Nicky Jam Is a Hopeless Romantic Who Does His Own Stunts

Nicky Jam is making moves.

Shortly before he sat down with Galore for his cover interview and shoot—he had wrapped up acting in and recording an original track for Bad Boys For Life (a.k.a the movie that every single guy you’re dating made time to see in theaters). In the time since we spoke to him for this interview, the Puerto Rican artist proposed to his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day—which explains why he didn’t want to tell us his V-Day plans when we asked.

I think it’s safe to say that moving to Colombia in 2010 elevated Nicky’s career even higher than before—and the recent popularity of reggaeton worldwide hasn’t hurt either. We talked to the artist about moving to Colombia, how he got into reggaeton, doing his own stunts, and more.

What inspired you to get into music, specifically reggaeton? 

When reggaeton first came out it was very underground and people didn’t understand it. I was part of that movement growing up and [it] felt natural and who I was.

How have your life experiences shaped your music?

When I write, it is about my life’s experiences. It could be what is happening or happened to me or someone close to me. I get inspiration from what they talk to me about or what they are going through.

You and Yankee teamed up on “Muevelo,” the fire track on the Bad Boys For Life soundtrack. Tell us a bit more about how this came to be. 

I heard this track and knew Yankee would be a perfect fit, and ironically enough it happened to be that we reunited after 20 years, much like the bad boys. 

And you are also in the movie as well? 

Yes, I play the role of one of the bad guys in the film. Fun fact: I did all my own stunts.

Do you see yourself making more films? 

Yes, I love acting and being in the movie scene, it is my new passion.

What would be your ideal role to play? 

Right now, it happens to be that I am playing roles of bad guys and/or as myself. All the roles are special for me, I’m just starting. 

Favorite movie of all time?


What advice would you give your 16 year old self?

Never quit or give up on your dreams. Keep going no matter [what], and always work hard and towards your goals.

What made you make the move to Colombia, and how did that journey help you become a better person? 

I needed a fresh start. I burned myself out and made a lot of mistakes in Puerto Rico and the states. I got a call to do some shows in Colombia without knowing I was a legend there. They welcomed me with open arms and helped revive my career. It became home to me. My career flourished again.  

What is one thing no one knows about you? 

I am a hopeless romantic.

How many tattoos do you have? 

Around 24.

What song makes you think of home? 

“More than Words” by Extreme.

What are your Valentine’s Day plans? 

I have something very special planned for our first Valentine’s Day together, I just don’t want to reveal it in case this comes out before then and spoils the surprise….

What can we expect music-wise from you next? 

My essence always stays the same, what differs is the sounds. I am always working with my producer and new upcoming producers to create new and different beats. Stay tuned, [there is] new music coming soon.




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