How To Respond To Your Angry Ex According To Nicki Minaj


Nicki Minaj is a queen, whether it comes to her music, her entrepreneurial spirit, or how she handles her dating life. Not only does this woman demand an orgasm every time she gets into bed with a guy, she also showed us all how to respond to hate from our exes in a series of tweets late last night.

After her ex boyfriend, the widely unknown Safaree Samuels, raged about Nicki in an unreleased track called, “Love The Most” that TMZ leaked early yesterday morning. In the song, Samuels slams Nicki rapping, “You ain’t do it alone we took ourselves up out the hood…We both went to bed in the same bed of lies.”

Nicki clapped back with the following:








Despite Samuels’ hate, Nicki’s response reveals her own narrative of what went down between them without any insults. So how can you employ the “Nicki Method” of dealing with your angry ex?

“How can you employ the “Nicki Method” of dealing with your angry ex?”

Step 1: Tell your side of the story.

If you feel like it’s necessary, let people know what went down between the two of you honestly. You shouldn’t feel bad about telling your side of the story–Nicki clearly doesn’t–but keep things calm and for good measure throw in some smiley emojis to let everyone know despite all the $#!+ that went down, you’re cool with yourself and your life now.

Step 2: Calmly suggest that your ex move on.

They might still be stewing, in which case, they may be in need of a wake up call. Although your ex might be hurting, what’s done is done.

Step 3: Ask that God keep your ex in his (or her since Beyoncé is probably God, let’s be honest) heart.

Emphasize that there is no ill will on your end and you wish them the best. Let God take care of things for your ex now, they certainly aren’t your responsibility anymore.

Step 4: Forgive them. 

Forgiveness is freedom. Forgive your ex for all the crappy things they did and let go of the relationship and the bad feelings along with it.

Step 5: Mention that you have a new boyfriend or girlfriend– who you love very much.

Just in case they didn’t think it was really over, you might want to let them know you’ve already moved on and there isn’t anything else to talk about.

Step 6: Let them know you’re happy without them.

No, you’re not pining for them or rehashing old arguments late at night before you go to sleep. You’ve taken time to reflect, and now you’re just too busy being happy think about the past.

Thanks Nicki for showing us all how it’s done!

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