Nicki Minaj Just Called Remy Ma a Peasant

Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma have been feuding ever since Nicki subtly shaded Remy on a Gucci Mane track and Remy responded by dropping a seven minute-long diss track that‘s so explicitly about Nicki Minaj she actually says the words, “f*ck Nicki Minaj” three times in the first minute.

And last night, Nicki Minaj responded by calling Remy Ma a peasant and getting two of the most famous rappers alive to add verses to her Remy diss track.

Say it with me ladies and gentlemen: savage.

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Today, a respectful two days after International Women’s Day, Nicki dropped three new songs, two of which don’t really matter because she only disses Remy on one of them.

That song is called “No Frauds,” it was seemingly recorded in Paris before or after a Chanel party, and it features her BFFs Lil Wayne and Drake.

And you know what?

It kicks Remy Ma’s diss track’s ass.


Because aside from wordplay, rap is all about status and showing that you have the biggest dick. What better way to do that than by writing a song that’s so catchy and features enough famous people that it immediately became the #1 song on iTunes?

Plus, it’s a radio-level good song.

You will be hearing it everywhere for the next couple of months, and unless your taste is sus, you won’t hate it.

Anyway, being a generous soul, Nicki has offered Remy Ma 72 hours to respond and $1,000,000 if she can book an interview on TV without mentioning Nicki’s name once – an obvious reference to Remy’s recent trip to Wendy Williams land where all she did was talk about Nicki.

Oh, and Nicki also called Remy Ma a peasant, which is fair:

“The greats took 3 months to respond to diss records. Queens don’t move on peasant time. Queens shut down Paris, then drop huts on #QueenTime…stay in your bum ass place. Jealousy gets u no where.”

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Honestly, I don’t see how Remy Ma’s gonna top this exercise in status, but I’d LOVE to see her try.

Nobody comes for the Young Money crew and walks away from the ring victorious.

Just ask Meek Mill.

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