Nicki Minaj’s Ass Invades Helsinki Cathedral


Early this Wednesday morning, Finland woke up to discover that Nicki Minaj had arrived in Helsinki – or at least her ass had.

1,000 life-size cutouts of Nicki Mianj’s infamous bootylicious “Anaconda” cover art were carefully placed on the steps outside of a cathedral in Helsinki because apparently religious people in Finland are a lot less uptight than their American counterparts.

The “cardboard Minajerie,” as Gawker so beautifully described the scene, is an eye-catching promotion gimmick to celebrate Nicki’s first-ever show in Finland this July, where the Queen of Rap will be gracing the Summer Up Festival with her presence (which is a present, but don’t kiss her ass unless you’re Meek Mill).


According to the Helsingin Uutiset, which is obviously a Finnish newspaper, 100 of these Nickis have festival tickets “mounted” on their “back sides,” and fans are being encouraged not only to plunder her caboose, but also to steal the cutouts so when Nicki shows up in July, all she’ll see in the audience is a$$ a$$ a$$.


What a beautiful world that would be.

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