Nick Arrojo’s New Look Book Will Guide You On Your Journey To Sexy Vampire-Dom

If you, like me, thought Twilight was so lame that you would never dream of being a vampire for Halloween, this is the year to reconsider. Nick Arrojo‘s new campaign shows that, Bella and Edward be damned, dressing as a sexy, avant garde vampire will always be chic. Don’t fall into typical fangs/ blood dribbles drawn on your face with lipstick/ basic territory, though. Instead, your shopping list will include black feather jackets, sheer lace, and high waisted panties, topped off with black on black makeup and edgy, razor cut hair. Check out the lookbook to see what else you need to get the look right.

Photographer: Cody Lidtke


Lina Arrojo
Emily Carroll
Tina Le Noble
Aziza Rasulova
Ashley Kowalsky
Ali Eskridge

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