New Yorkers! Here’s 6 Of Our Best Summer Destinations

New York: home of the rich and famous, home of the black wearing bad bitches who will cut you with a glare and walk all over you to get to their destination. In the summer, all of the New York natives jet off to destinations around the world and the tourists flock into the city. Want to avoid the Midwestern crush? Here are some places for you to visit in the meantime.

Let’s go camping! We forget sometimes when we are racing around the concrete jungle that there is actually such a thing as the color green but camping is actually one of the most fun Summer plans. Getting lost in the wilderness with nothing but a bag of marshmallows and a bottle of whiskey? Sold. As long as there is a cute boy by your side anyway.


Hilton Head
Blue waters as warm as the air? Wild kittens wandering around the white sand beaches? Sounds like South Carolina. Just steer clear of the Jesus Freaks.


Photo by Mountain Leon

Cape Cod
A very different kind of beach. Cooler water sure but also cute beach towns just brimming with low priced margaritas and salt water taffy. Good place to get your inner townie on.


Famously known as a Spring Break destination but why not visit in the Summer? The incredible Dream Hotel Miami has just as beautiful a rooftop view minus the wannabe New Yorker waiting to get turned down in line.


Southern California
The year round 100 degree hot spot famous for the best beaches in the US. Take a road trip down the coast a hit up San Diego, Orange County and of course LA. Don’t forget to dance on top of the Hollywood sign while you’re there.


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