4 Ways You Must Take Care Of Your New Tattoos

Galore Mag Tattoo Care

Tattoos, no matter how absurd or how divine, are a symbol of commitment. They represent an eternal bond with the ink surfacing your skin. Well, I suppose surfacing wouldn’t quite be the word, given that tattoos are mostly scars with ink. However, they are a form of expression and undeniably make someone unique–no tattoo is 100% identical because every single piece of ink is a done by the hands of a human, not a machine. And beautiful they are, but there is always a period of about two weeks where you have to absolutely be adamant with its maintenance. If you want to be able to speak, or show, or simply just be proud of your tattoo then follow these 4 infallible tricks ways that will basically guarantee a smooth healing process.

1. Keep the wrap on for at least two hours!

Galore Mag Tattoo Care

When we first get tattooed, no matter how fine the lines are or how shaded the piece is, the wrap is important because it’ll prevent the ink from “spilling”. An artist may not always need to wrap it, however it is preferred to do so given if rubbed on too harshly with clothing or if your freshly tattooed skin makes contact with any germs, it will at least not penetrate your epidermis and infect you. Essentially tattoos are scars covered with ink, which is why we lightly bleed when getting ink done, brutal I know.. But its still a beautiful form of art that needs proper care. Hence, keep it protected from germs and friction for a couple of hours.

2. Try not to wear tight clothes on the tattooed area.

Galore Mag Tattoo Care

As previously stated, a fresh tattoo is like wet ink on printing paper, it can easily smudge when rubbed on too hard or made contact with fiction. Before you’re appointment, make sure you wear something that will loosely hang over your ink job so you can give it enough space to breathe. I may have over 10 tattoos, but I still dress in form fitting, tight dresses and skirts with undergarment spanks but whenever I get new ink, I will make sure to where something easy and light like shorts and a t shirt or a sundress. It is primitive to give the skin space to breathe during the healing process.

3. To moisturize or not to moisturize?

Galore Mag Tattoo Care

Depends, if you have tattoos with very fine lines, only surfacing the first layer of the skin then  frankly no need to keep it moisturized with Aquifer or  coconut oil. In these situations, its best to let it dry and heal on its own. However, that does not mean you should forget about it and not clean it. Moisturizing or not, you need to gently soap it down to clean it, because it still is technically an open wound. I personally think Ivory soap is the best and only soap one should use during this process. Even with the heavier and largest tattoos. Which, yes, you should be putting coconut oil on these twice a day for two weeks. If you’re getting a more intricate piece, you must moisturize it as it begins to heal because the ink is deeper than normal, most likely thanks to the shading, its going to take longer to heal and therefore, it needs more care and attention.

4. Sunscreen

Galore Mag Tattoo Care

No one likes faded, old looking tattoos. This one is simple and easy: sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! The sun makes the colors and quality of the work slowly but surely fade away, in order to prevent that one must protect it from the sun. Yes, especially after its healing process.

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