Study Determines How Long it Takes for Most Couples’ Sex Lives to Slow Down

Why is it that at the beginning of a relationship, both parties are enamored with each other, yet as the relationship moves along, the “spark” diminishes? Is it because of boredom? Is it because of marriage? Or is it simply the course of life?

A new study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior gave researchers a pretty good look at how everyone’s sex life within a relationship changes over time.

Within the first six months of a relationship, there’s a sexual learning curve. Both partners are still feeling each other out to see what the other likes — or perhaps what they can get away with. With any new partner, this process can be fun, but also tedious. If you find out that your man is a sex freak and wants to try a bunch of things on you, it’s fun. But, if your man has no idea how to go downtown and you have to teach him, it’s not quite as fun.

For the next six months, the study found, your relationship’s sex life is at its prime. You’ve both learned what the other enjoys in bed, and therefore your moves are perfectly in sync.

Unfortunately, after the one year mark, sexual satisfaction begins to decline in your relationship. The study isn’t able to determine why, or if the sexual satisfaction increases at a later date, but the one year mark rang clear as the turning point for sexual satisfaction in relationships.

The study involved German adults aged 25 through 41 that identified as heterosexual. All participants were in relationships, but not all participants were married. Because of this limitation, it’s unclear if these sexual “benchmarks” also ring true for homosexual couples, American couples, or younger couples. However, similar studies have been done in the US and have obtained near identical results, at least in reference to the one year mark.

So, should you plan to dump your boo after one year of a relationship because the sex won’t ever get better? Probably not. While sex does rank as one of the key factors that influences happiness in a relationship, it’s not the only factor. Instead of accepting one year as the end of your relationship’s sex life, why don’t you try to challenge the statistics?

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