This new money app is just giving money away and we’re signing up now

Every once in a while, a new app comes around that goes viral and is officially downloaded on everyone’s phones (somehow even your grandma’s). 

There was Angry Birds, that racing game where the guy ran barefoot through ancient ruins, HQ, and we know there’s been plenty of dragon games. This month, the app going viral is called Grand – an app designed to give money away once a week just by saving money.

The app is basically a lottery with a $25,000 prize that you can’t lose, because you are saving money, and not buying tickets. According to the company, the money you save goes into an FDIC insured bank account that provides 1% interest. Every dollar you save is an entry to win cash every week.

It doesn’t hurt that the app gives every user who signs up a link from an existing user (use this one here). The link gives you $5 free cash as soon as you begin saving, and 25 entries for the $25,000 giveaway.

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Matt Cohen, the company’s CEO, pointed out that Americans, and young people in particular, hate to save. The motivation for the app was to tackle America’s savings crisis by making saving feel more like spending.

Tons of influencers are already pushing the app and putting their codes online – be sure to check them out.

We tried it and we liked it. Though we’d rather be buying vintage Chanel or In N Out burgers, it sure beats saving the normal way. And getting $5 and extra entries didn’t hurt. We’ve also started to think on how we’d spend that $25,000 (Birkin?).

Definitely try out this new viral app and let your friends know what you think!

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