New Marilyn Monroe Exhibit In NYC: We Chat With Curator Pierre Vudrag

The forever ultimate bombshell Marilyn Monroe will never be forgotten, and we have the likes of SUMO gallery to thank for hosting, from 23 – 26 July “Marilyn: The Lost Photos” will be open for public viewing. We chatted with the collections curator Pierre Vudrag, who founded Limited Runs, which owns the Marilyn Collection we discussed the legendary Marilyn and bombshell culture.

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How did you get into collecting?
I’ve always been a collector of photography and vintage posters. My home is filled with amazing vintage posters, everything from 60’s rock posters to movie posters, as well as photography ranging from Rock ‘n’ Roll to celebrity images. This passion led to the creation of Limited Runs, our e-commerce site that sells original vintage posters, print art and, of course, limited edition fine art photography.

Why do you think Marilyn Monroe is such an important icon to remember
Marilyn, more than 50 years after her death, is probably still the biggest and most famous actress in the world and is bigger than any actress working in Hollywood today. You can’t find anybody young or old that doesn’t know who she is. The public is still fascinated with Marilyn, you can’t turn around and not see her image either on television, films, clothing, merchandise, books, you name it. This says a lot about the enduring impact that she has had on the world.

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What’s your intention with this exhibit?
We want to show Marilyn as she really was and not just as a sex symbol, but a real person. Many of the photographs were taken by her close friend and make-up artist Allan “Whitey” Snyder whom she was very comfortable with. Marilyn knew that Allan’s photos were not going to be published, so we see a candid and relaxed side of her that is not often seen.

Do you think theres anyone comparable to marilyn today?
No one holds a candle to Marilyn, how can they, she was and is an original. There will never be another Marilyn Monroe which is why the world is enthralled with her.

What other bombshells would you like to do similar exhibitions of?
For us the classics reign supreme so Audrey Hepburn and Betty Page to name a few.

What’s coming up for you and future collections?
We have several things in the works including a wonderful collection of Jazz photography from Metronome Magazine, more unpublished photos of Marilyn Monroe, some Milton Greene fashion photography from the mid-60’s, and some others.

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37 Walker Street
New York, NY 10013
T 917 450 5634

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