Meet Your New Favorite Band: Makthaverskan

Swedish rockers Makthaverskan may have had a little trouble entering the states but had no trouble winning over our hearts. Cheesy lines aside, we have a major band crush on Run For Cover’s brightest stars. What we admire most is the true passion that comes through in every song, especially via powerhouse vocalist Maja Milner, and their ease with declaring a good “f*ck you.”

We cozied up backstage with Hugo Randulv and Irma Krook before their last show on tour to get dirt on their fellow bandmates, talk about powerful women in music and of course, discuss Enrique Iglesias.


Now I know there were some annoying problems with your visas getting into the country but now that you’re here…tell me: what’s the best way to party in the USA?

Irma: The after parties.
Hugo: In Sweden we have a monopoly on alcohol so you can’t buy strong liquor everywhere. That’s been the best part; that we can buy alcohol everywhere all the time.

That’s the life. Also let’s talk tour life. You’re at the end of your tour here now. What are the sponsors of the Makthaverskan tour? What things have gotten you through your tour?

Hugo: The Enrique Iglesias song, “Hero”.
Irma: Lingo. You know, our private way of talking to each other.
Hugo: Also our driver Chase. He’s been our tour daddy. We couldn’t have made it without our daddy.
Irma: We’re five children in most ways.

Being in such close quarters on tour, I’m sure you get to learn a lot more about each other. What are some discoveries you have made about a fellow bandmate?

Hugo: I’ve discovered Andreas is way more weird than I thought. To see him interact in different countries makes me think even more that he’s from a completely other planet.
Irma: He’s not of this planet.
Hugo: In the most beautiful way ever.

If I wanted to join the Mak crew, what would be my initiation? I feel like I definitely need a leather jacket.

Hugo: A leather jacket or a denim jacket. Definitely denim.
Irma: A huge portion of silliness and weird sense of humor.
Hugo: And drink alcohol.
Irma: You don’t have to be a heavy drinker or anything just as long as you-
Hugo: Enjoy drinking.

II is such a killer album and I love the no prisoners/“no mercy” intensity. Can we get excited about a new record now?

Irma: We’re working on new songs and have been doing this for quite some time at a really slow pace. It’s going to happen more.
Hugo: After the tour we’re going to take a little break from each other and then we’ll start rehearsing and recording for an album in a not too distant future.

If you had to say “f*ck you” right now, who would it be directed towards?

Irma: We would gladly say f*ck you to a lot of people but I don’t know if it’s a wise move to put it in writing…We have a small black book of people.

So you’re my band crush. Who are some of yours?

Hugo: The only thing I can say is that The Smiths are the best band of all time.
Irma: Everything with Nick Cave. He is always going to be the crush that you fall in love with again and again and again. Like a crush that never really ends. I think I’ll still love him when I’m 80.
Hugo: His face has been hanging over my bed for ten years or something.

Irma, another thing that is amazing to see is you and Maja representing women as strong, slightly terrifying, forces instead of catering to the frequent representation of women as meek and overly feminine. What advice do you have for girls and young women in finding their powerful voice?

Irma: I can only speak from my end on this one but to say “f*ck you” and try not give a shit about what people think of you. Maybe society tells you to be this weight because you’re a girl, sing a certain way because you’re a girl and there’s a lot of stuff like that. I think the moment you let go of that you’re going to have so much more fun when you’re in a band.

It’s noticeable the difference between sexes when it comes to music. The easiest way for me to get up on stage and not worry about how people are going to judge me is to just be like “f*ck you”. I’m there with my best friends and I like what we’re doing. Do whatever suits you and fits you and then it’ll be natural and a lot of fun.

Interview & Photos by: Shannon Kurlander

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