New Eminem & Kurt Cobain Docs? My 12-Yr-Old Self Can’t Handle It


My first love probably remains a tie between an 8-year-old French boy I saw by the pool at my hotel in the Dominican Republic and Harry Potter. My second love, at age ten, was Eminem, and when I turned thirteen, I fell deeply in love with Kurt Cobain. It’s been 10 years since I learned how to play “Come As You Are” on the guitar, but today, my inner fangirl can rejoice. Why?

1. A new documentary about the history of Eminem’s record label, titled, Not Afraid: The Shady Records Story has premiered on Complex, and a box set of all of his albums has been released. What do you think? Should I drop $225 on this and not eat for three weeks? 

2. I can start a countdown until May 4, when Montage of Heck, the “definitive Kurt Cobain documentary” premieres on HBO. Apparently, there’s a ton of footage and interview material that’s never been seen before, as well as a 12-minute-long acoustic song that was never released. Forget the 25th of December, that Monday in May is the new Christmas morning.


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