New Artist Alison Valentine Offers Her Valentine’s Playlist

Up and coming singer Alison Valentine, gives us her favorite tunes to make love to, or try make someone make love to you. She also talks to us about her music and songs she likes to get down to.



I Can’t Wait – Sleepy Brown ft. Outkast
Fantasy (Remix) – Mariah Carey
Still Not A Player – Big Punisher
Crush On You- Lil’ Kim
Baby I – Ariana Grande
733 Love (Cashmere Cat Edit)- Jeremih
Body Party (Summer Occasion Remix )- Ciara
Lotus Flower Bomb (ft. Miguel) – Wale
Poetic Justice ft. Drake – Kendrick Lamar
Make You Mine- Breakbot
Curious (Chrome Sparks Disco Remix) – Alison Valentine

How would describe your music?

Stripped down on the piano, I play and sing like a flirty, fun female Prince. When I record in the studio the sounds turn into glittery, strawberry champagne R&B, a mix of Janet Jackson and Mariah Carey at the beach with Sebastian and Tom Tom Club.

If you chose anyone, who would you like the serenade you this valentines day?
Drake and Kendrick Lamar.

What’s the sexiest song you know?
“Cream” by Prince

Do you think you could have sex to it?
Definitely — that whole album “Diamonds and Pearls” is a good one to set the mood

How do you really feel about valentines day?
I am all about it – the lover’s holiday! I love any occasion to share love and happiness and celebrate my lover. I am always crazy busy the 14th doing Valentine’s Day flowers, which is the ultimate for me- creating what I love with flowers and sharing them with others people to make them happy. Valentine’s Day can be a day celebrate all kinds of love, not just romantic love. Call all your friends tell them you love them! And come dance with us tonight at Maison O

Tell us more about your mix for us?
This is a fun mix is for letting loose. The songs are a collection of some of my favorite, a mix of classic 90s classic tracks and top pop and rap songs including Ciara, Ariana Grande, Cashmere Cat, Breakbot, Kendrick and of course Drake.

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