How to Network For a Dream Job Based on Your Sign

Networking is kind of the worst. It’s awkward, it’s no fun, and no one really knows how to do it right.

But your Sun sign might reveal a few clues for you to work smarter, as well as harder, on achieving your dreams. Why not use your astrological strengths and weaknesses, paired with these business savvy techniques to master the art of networking?



You’re a goal digger, Aries. Ruled by the Mars, the planet of war and energy, you are a bold leader who hates hearing the word “no.”

Confident, energetic, go getter, and competitive are a few words that describe you. Networking should be very easy for you, so make it exciting. Try turning this sometimes-boring chore into a game.

Use one of your strengths — setting goals — and push yourself to leave every event with a certain number of business cards. Take your business partner to your next networking event and create a friendly competition between the two of you. See who can get the most business cards, score a second meeting with a VIP, or gain a new client.

Each of these will benefit you or your business in some way. Use your business partner as a support system. Nothing is better than women empowering women in the workplace. Shatter that glass ceiling with your Ram horns.


Planning is your strength, Taurus.

Find out about networking events well in advance, know who’s going to be there and what you want out of each conversation you have. Review your business plan, and talk about all the hard work you’ve been putting into your career.

Planning for the future is your strong point, so you have a lot to talk about regarding what you’re doing now and where you see yourself in a few months. You’re the type to walk into a networking event and leave with a fascinating internship that will teach you everything you need to know for your own business.

You’re a very calculated sign, so you’ll have a mental road map when talking to very important people.


You’re ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, so talking shouldn’t be an issue for you Gemini.

For once, your mouth won’t get you in trouble. Be sure to get to know the person you’re talking to. Networking is a two-way street. Don’t boast about yourself, but figure out exactly whom you’re speaking with and what they’re accomplishing in their industry.

How did they achieve success? What were their biggest obstacles? What’s their morning routine? Asking the right questions are more impressive than blabbing about your own achievements. Successful people love talking about themselves and sharing their wisdom. They get the same monotonous questions asked every day.

Prep by writing down some of the most out of the box questions. The VIPs will remember you, and this technique will allow you to practice your listening skills. Learning from others is an important lesson you can take away from networking.



It may take a lot for your homebody sign to get out of the house. Bringing a friend along to your networking event may help you find motivation.

Also, attend an event that has a homey, welcoming, organic feel. Networking doesn’t always mean business casual. Anything too business-like may intimidate you.

You’re a water sign that loves creating, so find a Groupon event that peaks your interest, a house party with indie artists, or a local art walk event. These will be the perfect place for you to feel at home.

Start with a simple compliment to lighten the air. You’re a sweet and nurturing sign, inquisitive about culture and other people’s stories, so the conversation will flow once you make your first move and get out of your crabby shell.



Networking is your middle name, Leo. You crave attention; so networking may be the easiest task for you compared to other signs.

We get it, you’re talented, but don’t overwhelm the people you’re getting to know. Your fire element can have all eyes on you, or you can burn everyone who comes into contact. Play hard to get so you don’t overwhelm everyone. Make people come to you (they will, you’re magnetic!), and they’ll be intrigued enough to listen to everything you have to say.

Push yourself by going to an event that’s not directly related to your industry. Stepping out of your comfort zone will dim your showboating weakness, but will force you to expand your network by meeting different people in various industries. It’s best to surround yourself with people smarter than you, or you aspire to be. You’re not here to make fans, but lasting connections that can mold you into a better businessperson.



Network like Virgo Queen Beyoncé and find your inner Sasha Fierce.

You have the tendency to overanalyze every situation. While networking, try to relax. You may put too much pressure on yourself to make the right connections, so master social networking by reaching out to multiple people related to your industry.

There are several levels to networking, and we seem to only focus on stuffy, intimidating events; however, having a social networking presence is equally as important. Get analytical and polish your LinkedIn profile. Endorsements and well-written recommendations from former colleagues go a long way. Post thought-provoking and industry-related articles that will excite your audience and show off your talented left-brain. Even post your own content.

Do some research and find a handful of people that can take your career to the next level. Follow them on LinkedIn or Twitter and see if anyone in your personal network crosses paths with them. Get creative, leave a message, and strive to make an in-person connection. This firsthand connection will get you out of your head, and will be far less terrifying than a huge event.


Your sign is all about balance Libra. The scales symbolize you, so you’re constantly searching for the right amount of anything to equal you out.

You’re fair and diplomatic, but this balancing act of figuring out how to walk the line perfectly may leave you people-pleasing, or bouncing around to too many business randoms.

Your biggest weakness is your indecisiveness. What you need, Libra, is a work and play balance. Try to find networking opportunities within your passions. Your strengths are your charm and intellectualness. You love to be social, but just on your terms. It takes you a minute to get comfortable and fired up, but once you’ve connected, and hit a topic you enjoy (social justice, anything philosophical), you can’t be stopped.

This is why you need to network at a place you like. Networking can happen anywhere! You can network at the gym, coffee shop, trendy bar, or luxury boutique (you are ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty — networking can be glam). You’ll find someone who likely shares your passions at a place you personally enjoy. This common ground will make you more comfortable. Go somewhere you like, take a few of your business cards, start talking about your hobbies, and watch the conversation take off.



You love power, Scorpio. You’re an intense and creative water sign that loves being in control.

Networking for you will be difficult due to your control-freak ways and jealousy. You may ask yourself, “Why is my business idol talking to her instead of me?” or “What do I need to do to get noticed?” Relax. Instead of competing and trying to work the room in that way, host your own event where all eyes are on you.

You’re a creative sign. Maybe you’ve designed a new clothing line and want to get the word out. Host an event showcasing your masterful designs and invite the who’s who in town. This way the attention never leaves you, and your guests will be clawing to get a word with the coolest Scorpio in the room.

Scorpio Karlie Floss, aka FUCCI, executed this technique well. He seemed to blow up overnight after Bella Hadid’s Paper Mag shoot broke the Internet. Since then, artists, designers, and celebrities have been flocking to him! His resume includes styling Rihanna, Keke Palmer, Kehlani, and so many more. Use your intensity to your advantage Scorpio and make the power players come to you.

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You are a big dreamer, Sagittarius! You’re ruled by the largest and luckiest planet in the solar system, Jupiter, so it’s only right to have larger than life plans when it comes to networking.

Additionally, luck is always on your side, so you’re getting a job offer, or meeting your mogul idol.

Symbolized by the centaur, a half-human, half-animal creature, you’re both philosophical and animalistic. While networking, use your hunting, animal-like skills to achieve what you want.

You’re always up for an adventure; so venture somewhere new to expand your network. With your luck, your new job offer may take you out of the state or country! Nothing is too far out of reach for you, Sag.


You are another goal-setting sign. You enjoy having a master plan due to your ruling planet Saturn, the planet of discipline and maturity.

Having structure and goal-setting are your turn-ons. Don’t let your determination and laser focus turn you into a cold, business-minded elitist.

We all know you dream of being CEO, but loosen up and loosen that handshake. Get creative. Find your idol’s favorite hangout and go there yourself.

You may even network best in a social club setting. Gaining access to a members-only joint can be another goal you accomplish, but the lax environment will bring out a softer itinerary that will land you your dream job. Your strength is your ambition, but remember to have fun while climbing the corporate ladder.


The social butterfly of the zodiac. You’re a free spirit that loves meeting new people and connecting on multiple levels. You’re independent, curious, chatty, and quirky. The words that come out of your mouth will interest everyone in the room.

You’re a natural salesperson, so network like you’re making a pitch on Shark Tank. Seriously, you have what it takes to get your app (Aquarians love tech, the environment, and humanity) off the ground plus scoop up some seed money.

You’re an outgoing sign that could win any popularity contest. Use your likability and salesmanship to your advantage. People find your quirks endearing. You may even meet your kindred spirit at your next event. You two may share the same love for a random hobby. Be yourself Aquarius, it’s going to take you far.



Sweet and sensitive Pisces, networking may feel like a chore for your soft soul.

But many don’t know that underneath your quiet demeanor is a shark. You’re the most intuitive sign and a master at manifesting. Do some mediation before the networking event and get your mind right. Study the event you’re going to and visualize talking to that one special person you’ve had your heart on meeting. Doing a visualization exercise will calm your wavy Pisces waters.

Once at the event, use your charm and magnetism to your advantage. Channel your inner Rihanna and shine bright, she always knows how to work a room. Your personal goal, Pisces, isn’t to leave with everyone having your business card, you’re here to meet that ONE person you visualized meeting. Leave the networking event with a new friend or mentor.

Graphics by Mi Gerer

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