Designer Emily Seigel Of Fete On Finding Your Aesthetic

This brand takes the modern Marie Antoinette to the next level: Fete (pronounced FETT) is all about the finer things in life, dressing up and stunting no matter what your schedule calls for, because, as designer Emily Seigel told us, “Every day is a special occasion!” That’s why the Fete site is full of tees that encourage you to drink champagne for breakfast. There’s plenty of lace, and even more satin. It’s a fantasy brand, which can be dressed down if you want to add a sprinkle of garden party whimsy to your outfit without looking like you just stepped off the set of the newest Cinderella movie. Get to know Seigel, a lady with flowers in her hair, stars in her eyes, and a rock princess sense of style.

Getting Into The Fashion Industry: I’ve always loved playing dress up it’s something I just never grew out of. I always knew I’d do something in fashion, but I wasn’t quite sure what that would look like. I do a little bit of everything for Fete — it’s the perfect job for me!

Earliest Style Memory: When I was 3 or 4, I had this tiny dress that was my favorite outfit. Anytime I was upset or didn’t want to take a nap, I’d put it on and feel instantly better. My nanny at the time said the dress made me look “sexy like Selena” — she was obsessed with Selena — and it made me feel so cool! I realized early the power of clothing, how something as simple as a dress can change your attitude and how you feel.

Naming Fete: “Fete champetre” is a garden party, like those big soirees Marie Antoinette would throw, where everyone dressed up fancy and partied in the grass: think Fragonard paintings. There’s something about wearing fancy clothes on a lawn or in nature that feels so luxurious! “Fashion” was born here in the 17th century, when the French mandated what people were to wear depending on their social status. I saw the name as an opportunity to reclaim fancy clothes for everyone to wear, at anytime; every day is a special occasion! Not many people got the reference, and no one could pronounce “champetre,” so we dropped it. Now we’re simply FETE, which is “party” in French!

Finding An Aesthetic: What I love about monochrome is that it’s full of possibility. I see it as a sort of blank canvas – my goal is to give the Fete girl this essential, stylized piece that she can make her own. We have branched out into colors, but I just love the aesthetic of black and white in photos – especially in the grass! You can always make monochrome fresh with details, texture, bold accessories.

Personal Style Icon: You know, I’m more about dressing and designing for a feeling. Sort of like creating a character! There’s something really beautiful about dressing up when you’re alone – there’s a sort of luxury in it. That’s the feeling I’m always after, the confidence and self-love I hope to instill in others.

Perfect Fall Outfit: A giant sweater pulled off one shoulder with tiny shorts, knee socks, and boots, or switch the shorts for lace bell bottoms! That’s my uniform. I’m also loving our new ‘Maybe Babydoll’ — I’m going to wear it everywhere. Excited to throw it over a vintage concert tee! Also our, Palais pants — they’re extra wide palazzo pants that hang so so beautifully and tie at the waist.

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