What You Need to Bring to Coachella This Year

Festival season is upon us, and Coachella bbs: your time is here.

We have been posting about outfits and what to to wear to Chella to be a hot momma. Looking good is a top priority, but so is being prepared. This list is my best Coachella advice for you. Especially the PortaPotty advice, it will get you in and out of that disaster quickly.

1. Bandana

You need to keep the dust out of your face. A ton of people get sick after the weekend because of the dust, but a bandana will stop the amount you will inhale. Wear it as much as possible, especially when entering the festival. Oh, and also in and near the PortaPotty.


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2. An unopened water bottle

You can buy water in the festival, but if you want to bring it from outside and save money, it has to be sealed shut. I always bring one each day to keep refilling at the stations. Or if a Camelback floats your boat, that is the next best thing despite being pretty freakin fug. Stay hydrated bbs.


3. Advil


Just in Case you get dehydrated or your time of the month hits you mid-festival, DON’T FORGET TO BRING ADVIL. Super important. And don’t sub for Tylenol if you plan on getting f*cked up — it’s bad for your liver.

4. Sunglasses

They don’t call it the Sunshine State for nothing, babes.


5. Hair Ties


No matter how cute your hair looks in the morning, there’s like a 50% chance it’ll be a sweaty mop by the end of the day. Don’t get caught without elastics.

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6. External phone charger or Mophie case

Your phone is going to probably die. Keep it on low battery mode as much as you can, but have back up just in case.


7. Sunscreen

Unless you built up a base tan beforehand, it’s hot & sunny AF. Make sure you have at least a little travel bottle with you.


8. Travel-sized Tissues/Hand Sanitizer

The PortaPotty is going to run out of toilet paper. Bringing your own tissues and hand sanitizer is going to be a lifesaver, believe me.

9. Comfy shoes.

Footwear is super important. Wear shoes that you know are comfortable and not necessarily ones you bought for the weekend. Nothing is worse than getting a blister on the first day and having to deal with it the rest of the weekend. You’d rather wear comfortable sneakers and leave with dirt caked on them than have blisters from other shoes.


10. A SMALL purse or a backpack

All these items will fit. You don’t want a heavy bag on your back all day, trust.

A few more notes: Ubering is ALWAYS hectic. If you don’t have a shuttle pass or camping, parking on the grounds is a great option. Just make sure the driver is sober. Also, have a meeting place in case your phone dies.

That’s some of my best advice to survive the weekend. Having fun, fall in love, kiss lots of cute people.


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