Nazanin Is Not Afraid Of The Word Bossy Or Being A Boss

Musician Nazanin is soon to release her EP, which we can’t wait to hear. She talked to us about being the strong woman she is and how that’s the only way to survive in the male dominated music industry.


Seeing as you’re a boss, what do you think of the word bossy- own it or not?
Own it! To me “bossy” doesn’t necessarily equate to being a bad thing. You can still be bossy & kind. You can still get things done, be taken seriously & be considered a good person. Being Bossy is where it’s at.

5 women you think are boss and bad ass:
-The Women on my Team that make things happen for me. They are all very hard working & bossy: Nadia, Jasmine,Brianna & Darla.

-Last but not least: Beyonce.. Duh!

What made you want to become an artist?
-I’ve been attached to music my whole existence. From Performing in musicals as a child or at Carnegie Hall, recording off & on for years and being on American Idol it’s always been my passion & something I’ve known I was destined to do.

Naz Selfie 2

Favorite designer at the moment:
W/out a Question. Saint Laurent & Alexander Wang. Both Edgy chic & timeless. But for Lingerie I absolutely Adore Fleur Du Mal.. Their pieces are so Feminine & sexy

5 tips to the perfect selfie:
-Perfect Lighting
-Aways shoot your best side.
-Suck in the tummy & pop out the hip.
-Smize. Even when you’re serious
-No photoshop ladies! We want to see the real you. I want to recognize you in the streets and not be startled by how different you look on the ‘gram.

Naz Selfie 3

Do you think it’s tougher getting to where you are than your male equivalents?
Absolutely w/out a doubt yes. Even to get our foot in the door takes proving ourselves over & over again. Standing our ground as women and having longevity is another difficult task but with hard work & persistence we can have the same opportunities & success as men.

Naz Selfie 4

Do you bring your boss-ness and dominate personally into other parts of your life, like the bedroom?
Yes & no depends on my mood & what costume I’m wearing that night.

Do you think you intimidate people around you?
I know I am taken seriously & that’s all that matters to me.

What’s something you’re really proud of so far?
My debut EP…it’s been a longtime coming and I can’t wait for the world to hear it. I know they will be pleasantly surprised.

Naz Selfie 1

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