Naughty Or Nice: 6 Ways To Tell You Are On The Naughty List This Year

When we were little, come Christmas time, we would all go over the past sins of the year to attempt to predict whether we would be on the naughty list or the nice list this season. We would fret and bemoan our wrong doings, pray to Santa to forgive us and swear that we would do better next year. We would do our chores and homework and apologize to our parents. The older we get, the less this matters. Perhaps because we now know that Santa is but a myth. Perhaps because we have pledged ourselves to Satan, realizing that he is a much more enticing comrade. Here are six signs that you have made the naughty list this Christmas season.

1. You have flashed someone this year: It doesn’t matter if you were drunk or not, if a stranger has seen your T or A this year, you have been naughty. Whether it is in person or through social media, flaunting your gams is a surefire way to disappoint Santa Clause and your parents. But hey, congrats, that kind of confidence is hard to come by!


2. You have ended up in the hospital: Not counting disease, broken bones, or actual illness, if your partying has brought you to the hospital, you have made the naughty list. Sorry! But look on the bright side, at least you have a bloggable story to share with your partners in crime.


3. Hooked up with your friend: Now that’s naughty! Friendship is sacred, and once you get in the sack, there is no going back. We understand the conundrum, friends already know all of your deep dark secrets, and here is yet another experience that you share only with your friend. Hope you used protection!


4. Stolen someone’s drink: When you are at a party and the drinks are running low, it can be hard to pass up the chance to snag someone’s glass of cranberry-vodka. Especially when it is sitting there is tempting. But the downside is, you have made the naughty list. The upside: free booze.


5. You have instagrammed yourself in your lingerie: The Victoria’s Secret models are doing it, and your pilates have been so successful you just couldn’t resist. You may have been naughty but you can be certain that your follower count has gone way up. Looking good hun!


6. You don’t think you have been naughty: The truly naughty never own up to their naughtiness. What is the fun of sinning if you are just going to repent. If you are going to be a badass, never apologize for anything. Anyone who shames you for your fun, is clearly not living their life as fully as you are. So rock on babes, coal is always good for a smoky eye anyway.


Written By: Amanda Lang

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